10 Cruel and insulting things a guy often says to dump his girlfriend

While some guys are afraid of breaking a girl’s heart, others have no qualms about it. All they want to do is dump girls like a garbage when the relationship is not working anymore. They don’t bother to break up with girls with decency or maturity.

Here are the 10 worst lines guys throw at girls before dumping them.

1. I’ve already experienced hell after being with you. Now, I want to explore heaven and that too with somebody else.

Ouch! This hurts badly. Nothing can be more painful than this. It takes a lot of mental strength to digest this statement.

2. Have you ever looked at yourself? You’re as fat as a hen. I can’t go out with you anymore.

It is a direct insult to a girl. How can a guy be so inhuman and criticize her physical appearance? It’s just intolerable. A guy should understand that he is basically stripping her of all her dignity.

He doesn’t want to have a relationship with the girl. It’s fine. But, a guy doesn’t have any right to insult a girl like this.

3. I am not attracted to you any more. I’ve found someone else.

I have a question for the guy who throws this line.

“Why did you enter into the relationship if you were not attracted to her? Were you drunk? Why aren’t you attracted to her anymore? Are you sick or do you need to change your spectacle?”

4. Sorry! It’s time for you to go. I’ve just understood how ugly you’re.

It is like the guy hired the girl for getting a service. She has given the service and is not needed anymore. He is a dissatisfied customer. He has just realized he is alive on earth. He was in a dream for the last few days.

5. You deserve a better guy than me.

This line can mean only two things. Either he is a loser or he has found someone else.

6. I’m sorry! You’re cold in bed. So…..

This is the worst thing a guy can ever say to a girl. He is raising a question on her sexuality. This line has a very bad impact on girls. This line haunts them and prevents them from getting into a new relationship. It has happened to one of my close friends. Only a jerk can throw this type of line to a girl.

7. There’s something I need to tell you. I have a wife with a kid. And, it’s not possible for me to continue this relationship.

Girls – you’re better off without this guy in your life. Obviously, you would like to spare yourself of the daily family drama. Secondly, you would always be the second lead in his life. His family and children would always get first preference. Are you ready to take that shit?

8. You’re a snob and an irritating creature. Stop calling me to solve your problems. Leave me alone.

Gosh! This guy is pissed off. At least, the line says so. As a girl, I would say only one thing. Leave him alone and find another guy who would happily try to solve your problems.

9. Let’s be frank. I have never loved you and don’t intend to have a future with you.

It is clear that the guy used the girl to fulfill his various requirements. He has never loved the girl. In fact, he doesn’t want to be her friend also. He is just an *******.

10. You’re dumped, just like a garbage. Understood? Now, get the hell out of here.

The best response would be to give a tight slap on his face and in front of everybody. This guy deserves nothing but tons of slaps on his face. Girls should be happy to get rid of this guy – who is nothing but a garbage.

What is the worst way a guy broke up with you? How did you react? Share your experience with us.