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3 Reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day one day later – Feb 15

reasons to celebrate Vday on February 15

Love is in the air. It’s the much awaited Valentine week. It’s a 7 day celebration of love. But contrary to the popular ritual, my best friend celebrates Valentine’s Day on February 15 with his boyfriend. And, her reasons are very clear. She says, “I can buy more chocolates and gifts for my boyfriend with the same amount. What’s the big deal in waiting for another 24 hours?”. Can’t agree with her anymore.

Here are the 3 reasons why I feel it’s great to celebrate the Valentine’s Day on February 15 every year.

  1. You can have quality food and spend quality time: This year, Valentine’s Day is on Sunday. Do you realize what this means? You’ll face a tough time in getting a nanny. Plus, most of the restaurants have been booked already. The food will be costly. Restaurants would be fully packed and you would not get any chance to share a cozy meal with your loved one. But if you celebrate Valentine’s Day on Monday, then you can share the same meal in privacy with your loved one. The food price won’t be expensive and there won’t be too much rush.
  2. Get Cupid’s goodies at half price: Nothing beats the joy of shopping for your loved one on the day after the Valentine’s Day. Retailers and florists would offer the same goodies (teddy bears, chocolates, cards) at huge discounts. Some retailers give 50-75 percent discounts on chocolates after the Valentine week is over. Buy all the goodies at half price and use the remaining amount to have a super romantic date with your spouse.
  3. You can avoid the maddening crowd: Want to watch a movie together? Wish to explore a shopping mall? Dying to dance together in a pub? Great! You can book movie tickets easily on 15th February. There would be less rush since it is a working day. There would be less crowd in a shopping mall or a pub. So, lovebirds can just be together and enjoy.


You know what I personally feel? Valentine’s Day is for the retailers because you don’t need to buy expensive gifts to prove your love for someone. In my opinion, love is caring for someone even when you’re angry with him or her. Love is something beyond designer dresses and accessories. If you’re in love, celebrate it every day. Share special moments with your loved one. Cook food for him or her every day. Look after her/his daily needs and requirements. Enjoy the feeling of being in love without spending a penny.