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3 Ways you’re wasting your money before and after going to office

The other day I was checking my recently installed budgeting application in my smartphone after returning from office. Like a true budgeting expert (which actually I’m not), I was calculating my expenses in the last few days. And, I was amazed to see that my expenses during the weekdays are huge. I actually spend an impressive amount while commuting to work. And the sad part is, I don’t even know about it.

Thank god, I installed that budgeting app. Really!!!

Anyway, as I was checking my daily expenses, it dawned upon me that I was wasting money in 5 different ways before and after going to the office. Here are 5 of them. If you’re just like me, then it’s time to think about the alternatives. After all, we work at the office for earning dollars but not for wasting them.

Buying food stuff at the gas station: Yes, I love to munch food while driving. So, almost every day I stop at the nearest gas station and buy food stuff from there. Half of the food is finished by the time I reach office. And the remaining gets finished at the office. Sometimes, I stop at Starbucks and buy my favorite latte (peppermint mocha) from there which costs $4.95. This happens at least 3 days a week. So, you can say I spend $60 in a month on latte itself. If I calculate the food cost too, then the total cost would go up to $140.

Eating whatever you feel like during lunch: I’m a foodie by heart. I love trying different dishes every day. And, lunch break is the best time to whet my appetite. Normally, I get food at subsidized rates in office. But, I want more and this sends me to Arby’s every other day. I’m a big fan of Arby’s Max Roast Beef combo (around $8) and I must have it whenever I visit that fast food joint.

Breakdown of my expenses

Max roast beef combo – Thrice a week ($12*8) = $96

Meal at proper restaurants – Once in every week ($35*4) = $140

Total expenses – $236

Excessive Internet surfing: My profession requires me to stay updated all the time. That’s a professional obligation. Fine. But what about tweets and posts I make in various social media websites? My smartphone is my constant companion and I browse different websites excessively during 3 times – before reaching the office, lunch break and before coming back to home. I’m surfing even when I’m shopping. I’m a total social animal. The result is in front of my eyes – my current data plan gets exhausted quickly. Normally, I opt for $20 data plan (T-mobile) but that is not enough. Either I have to recharge twice or I have to opt for $60-$70 data plan. So technically, I’m wasting around $50 every month excluding taxes.

How much I’m wasting every month

Buying food stuff at gas station: $200

Eating whatever you feel like during lunch: $236

Excessive Internet surfing: $50

Total wastage – $486

What I have planned to do to cut down huge expenses

  • Stop thinking about Starbucks while driving to the office.
  • Stop buying food stuff at gas stations while going to work.
  • Carry a huge brown bag to the office.
  • Cook regularly.
  • Be a less social animal.

So, these are the 3 ways I end up wasting money. What about you? Do you also happen to waste money while going to work? Think carefully. Sometimes, we don’t realize how much we are actually spending every day. But once you start crunching the numbers, the real figures will be in front of you.