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5 Tips you can use to shop just one week before Christmas

Sorry guys for being so late. It’s almost a month since I posted anything here. I was too busy with my work. Trust me, I planned to post this blog last week. But again, I am late. Sorry again.

Okay. It’s vacation time. It’s time to be jolly and sing ‘jingle bells’ once again. Finally, I can wrap my work and spend quality time with my family. Yeppie!

Unlike me, most of you must have already completed your Christmas shopping by this time. My busy working schedule didn’t leave me much time for shopping. But, I’m not complaining because Christmas is not over yet. I still have time to shop and shower gifts of love to my family.

Here are a few tips you all can use to shop just one week before Christmas arrives.

  1. Don’t be too desperate: I know you don’t have much time in your hand. But, don’t be too desperate. Retailers understand this psychology of consumers very well and this is why they keep a higher price tag for all the items. So, don’t pay a huge price for anything that is not worth it. Try to avoid malls. Most consumers rush to malls and then pay a big price on something they could have got at a less price elsewhere.
  2. Bargain and negotiate: You don’t always have to pay the exact price the store owner asks for. You can negotiate with the store owner and get some lucrative deals. Just make sure you take 2 steps: pay cash and then walk away. I do this a lot of time and trust me this has helped me to bag great deals.
  3. Browse online portals: Online shopping is in trend right now. You can shop goodies at some good websites such as and eBay. All you need to do is browse these shopping portals carefully and buy the items on which good discounts are available.
  4. Be patient and confident: Eat something, take rest and drink lots of water before rushing to a store. There’s no need to panic. Yes, you have limited time. But, if you get nervous, then chances are higher you’ll overspend or buy gifts that are not good.
  5. Use your hand to make gifts: Who told that you have to rush to different stores for buying gifts? You can make your own gifts at home too. Internet has plethora of information on how to make nice gifts at home. You can make scented candles, bake cakes and cookies for your loved ones. Keep them in a gift basket and give it to your friends. They would appreciate the effort you’ve put in.
  6. As far as your parents are concerned, you can take them to a nice movie. You can cook food for them and have a yummy dinner at home.

Christmas is incomplete without shopping, gifts and decorations. Mom has already started decorating every part of our house. Dad is busy in making special plans for the big day with friends and cousins. Now, it’s my turn. This Christmas, I will enjoy as much as possible. Once I am done with Christmas shopping, I will party hard, laugh loud and dance crazily.