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8 Cheap fun activities to make your kids giggle this summer

cheap fun activities

Summer vacation is a time
When parents realize that teachers are grossly underpaid

“Oh! I’m bored! There’s nothing fun to do here mom! – Could there be anything more irritating than this annoying summer anthem for stay-at-home or working moms? What happened to the days of creating a nuisance in the neighborhood and reluctantly coming for lunch and then again joining the tiny troops in the lazy afternoons?

Most kids are just glued to video games, online games and TV nowadays. But you can’t possibly keep your kids busy throughout the day during summer through video games or cartoon shows. You’ve to think about something to entertain your kids during summer vacation without breaking your budget.

Wondering how can you nurture your kids beautifully and manage household expenses? Well, Managing household expenses is a bit different from handling kids and their expenses. Household expenses are in your hands. But kids belong to a different world and handling their expenses is not less than a Herculean task, especially during summer vacation. This is the time when they want to be thoroughly entertained and that usually means splurging well.

Lost in thoughts? Here is a list of 8 frugal fun ideas for your kids in this summer.

1. Say “Let’s make a theater at home”

Oh! Kids love this too much. Just take a simple tension rod and drape a nice a bed cover over it. Your puppet theater is ready. Now write a comic skit for your kids and ask them to enact it. Each kid will play a character in the play. Ask them to learn the dialogues with proper expression and then put up a nice show in the evening.

Kids would be super busy in grabbing their favorite role in the play and then giving their best performance. Your house would be filled with laughter, songs and witty dialogues.

2. Say “Common! Let’s celebrate Christmas Eve during summer”

Don’t pop out your eyeballs because you’ve read it correctly. All I’m saying is invite your kid’s friends for an afternoon sleepover. Pull out all the soft pillows and tiny blankets of your kids. Keep these things in your living room. Ask them to pretend as if it is the Christmas eve. They should act as if they’re getting nice presents after waking up. The best actor would get 3 home baked cookies. Yum!

3. Say “It’s time for photosession. Wanna become photographers?”

Kids are tech-savvy. They’re smart kids who know A to Z about smartphones. So, give them a smartphone and ask them to get decked up for a cool photo session. You can even give a theme to make the photo session more interesting. For instance, the theme can be kids’ favorite cartoon characters.

Don’t forget to tell them that they would be get access to your smartphone throughout the day. They can click pictures and share them in Facebook. This would make them more excited.

4. Say “Up for a drink? Let’s make a yummy fruit shake”

Kids love to sip fruit shakes and so do I. So, why don’t you ask them to make some refreshing fruit shakes? Ask them to help you choose the best fruits in the market. After you guys reach home, assign the task of spooning out the mangoes with care. Once you get the juicy ripe mango cubes, take out your mixer grinder and smash them. Let your kids serve the fruit shake in a nice glass with ice cubes and sugar.

5. Say “Hey! It’s time to visit our ancestors”

You can’t keep kids inside home all the time. They need some fresh air and obviously a nice outing. Take your kids to local museums that organize special summer programs for kids. Get your kids enrolled into those programs where the admission cost is low. Watch out for those credit cards wherein you can get special museum admission deals for kids.

6. Say “Wanna make some creative stuffs?”

Let the creative juices of your kids flow like a river this summer. Just give them some nice craft ideas. They’ll be busy in making a cute snowman with paper plates, puppets with socks, painted pots, etc. Just give them the core items. They’ll be busy in surprising themselves with their own craftwork.

7. Say “ Let’s have a summer camp in the weekends”

Take sleeping bags, yummy foods, flashlights to the backyard of your house. Make a tent there. Have your dinner there and then tell them some really scary stories. Count the stars in the sky and then sleep inside the tent throughout the night.

8. Say “Who wants to find out the hidden treasure?”

Adventure, thrill and adrenaline gush – kids love these things. A smartly conceptualized indoor treasure hunt can keep your kids on their toes throughout the summer vacation. Just write some clues in a few pieces of paper and then hide them at various parts of your house. Make sure one clue gives a hint to another clue. The final clue will give a hint to the ‘ultimate treasure’. You can write those clues in the form of rhymes too.

Some safety tips for kids

1. Ask kids to walk carefully on the street.
2. Ask them to use sidewalks when you’re taking your kids to museum.
3. Apply sunscreen lotion liberally on their exposed parts of their bodies before going out in the sun.
4. Keep a first aid kit at home.
5. Make sure you use an insect repellent when your kids are camping
6. Never ever leave your kids in the pool alone. Be there with them.
7. Don’t let kids grill fish or chicken. It’s completely unsafe.
8. Keep your kids hydrated throughout the day.
9. Ask your kids not to play with matches and lights when cooking.
10. Make sure your kids wear light-colored clothes.
11. Try to schedule outdoor activities during evening.
12. Check your kids at frequent intervals. Make sure they are fine.


Don’t let your tight budget ruin the summer vacation of your kids. Use the aforementioned tips to keep them busy in fun activities. Let them play, enjoy and learn through various activities instead of watching TV throughout the day.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to give a notebook to your kids. Ask them to write about their exciting summer activities in that notebook before going to sleep. It will act as a memoir. They can show that notebook to their friends and have a good laugh later.