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Are you headed for divorce? 5 Signs that are shouting ‘danger’

Gone are the days when marriages meant ‘happily ever after’. Divorce has become a common phenomenon nowadays. Couples drift apart from each other within the first year of their marriage. The concept of a truly happy marriage doesn’t exist anymore. And this is a hard fact.

Signs that show there is trouble in your paradise

Here are the 5 signs that indicate your marriage is on the rocks.

1. You feel disconnected from your spouse: When marriage is almost over, you feel miles away from your spouse even while sitting together. You hardly spend time with each other. Rather, you prefer to spend time either at office or with your friends after work. It feels a relief to be not with your spouse.

2. Your spouse’s heart is in somebody else: Infidelity is a huge problem in a marriage. It takes immense time to forget or overcome the adultery issue. The unfaithful spouse becomes ‘sandwiched’ between the other spouse and the lover. The marriage is already on a rock

3. You don’t communicate with your spouse: It’s natural to have a difference of opinion with your spouse. But if both of you end up getting into regular fights due to this difference of opinion, then something is horribly wrong. And, if both of you have stopped communicating with each other, just to avoid ugly fights, then the situation is even worse. This means both of you aren’t working as a team. This would neither solve your problem nor make situations better.

4. You’re spending more time at laptop: Your professional life is important. But your personal life is important is too. If you’re giving more preference to your professional life over personal life, then your relationship with your spouse is bound to suffer. When you’re spending more time on your laptop, then your spouse will eventually feel left out and may decide to leave you.

5. The chemistry is not working: Have you lost interest on your spouse? Do you feel there is no chemistry between both of you? Does your spouse pull away when you take an initiative to get intimate? If so, then both of you have mentally and physically separated from each other.

Do you feel for your spouse? Does your spouse matter to you? Do you know what your spouse is thinking? If not, then it means trouble. May be it’s time to call quits.