8 Money-saving beauty tips for the best summer skin care

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle”

The sun is shining in its full glory and now is the best time to flaunt your beautiful floral dresses and enjoy all the seasonal fruits. But summer can be brutal too. Hot winds can make your skin dull and rough. The harsh weather tans your fair skin and clogs your open pores due to excessive sweating together with grime and dust.

I dread summer mainly because my skin gets tanned easily. It’s very tough to remove that ugly tan. Trust me. We should follow a proper summer skin care routine to avoid making frequent trips to salon later.

Salon trips are quite expensive, and you know how I hate to waste money. So I have compiled a list of inexpensive beauty tips we can use to have a glowing skin in the summer. So far, they have worked for me. I guess, these summer beauty tips will work for you too.

Money-saving beauty tips for perfect summer skin car

1. Drink lots of water: Water keeps your skin hydrated, soft, and clear. Drink lots of water, fresh juices, buttermilk, and coconut water to flush out the harmful toxins from your body. Green tea is very good for skin. It eliminates dead skin cells and various types of skin disorders. Buy green tea in bulk to get attractive discounts.

2. Use a homemade face mask: Mix yogurt, honey, and aloe gel in a tub. Make a smooth paste and apply it all over your face. It helps to soothe a sunburn. Put a slice of cucumber on your eyes. Rinse your face with green tea to calm your skin.

3. Use a big hat: You know why I love hats? It’s because hats have loads of benefits. Big hats are quite stylish. They change the way you look. Remember Kate Winslet’s look in Titanic? Her first scene in the movie? Didn’t she look gorgeous?

Apart from being a stylish accessory, a hat helps to protect your skin from the scorching sun rays. Wear a hat to avoid uneven skin tone, discoloration, big sun spots, and serious skin disorders. You can use an umbrella to avoid sun rays if you don’t like to wear big hats.

4. Exfoliate your skin: Exfoliation is mandatory in summer. It keeps your skin smooth and flawless. Use an exfoliating sponge or sugar body scrub to remove the dead skin from the body. You can also make a homemade exfoliating face scrub with lemon, olive oil, sugar, and honey. Apply it all over your face. Wash it after 15 minutes.

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin after exfoliation. Apply cool aloe gel on your face followed by a good cream.

5. Use tomatoes: Open pores become a huge problem in summer. Keep a few slices of raw tomatoes in the freezer. Place those cold tomatoes on the open pores and let your skin absorb the juices. Rub tomatoes gently into the skin and experience the tautness. You will see that the open pores shrink quickly.

6. Use coconut oil: Coconut oil is an excellent makeup remover. Moreover, it’s cheaper than a commercial makeup remover. If you want to remove the sunscreen or makeup from your face, just rub coconut oil into your face. Your makeup will be gone within a few minutes.

7. Exercise every day: Exercise helps to release toxins from your body and gives you a glowing skin. Do simple exercises in the morning to stay fresh. If you don’t want to work out, walk regularly. You’ll lose extra pounds, have more energy, and get a beautiful skin.

8. Apply strawberry: You can easily get it in your freezer. Cut a strawberry into small pieces. Poke the flesh with a fork so that you can easily get the juices and apply them all over your face in small circles. Rinse off after 2 minutes. This helps to reduce sun spots over time.

I hope you liked my summer tips for the skin. Do let me know your feedback. If you have any other money-saving beauty tips for summer, share them with us.

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How does your skin react when you are under stress?

how skin reacts under stress

Stress or depression has a detrimental effect on your skin. For instance, when you are in stress, you tend to forget about yourself. You skip foods, lose sleep and succumb to drinking. These factors affect skin directly – your skin becomes dry, pale and full of blemishes. You stop taking care of your skin like before and this itself increases problems.

What causes stress or depression?

A painful breakup, too much work pressure, tension, lack of sleep and lack of exercise can lead to depression. Depression generates ‘stress hormones’ adrenaline, DHEA and cortisol. These lead to a lot of changes and skin problems.

What kind of skin problems you may have?

  1. Blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores due to sebum production in the skin.
  2. Swollen eyes and dark circles due to lack of sleep.
  3. Skin problems such as psoriasis, seborrhoeic and acne.
  4. Fine lines, pigmentation and wrinkles appear on the skin.
  5. Skin becomes dry and dehydrated.
  6. Rashes and hives appear on the skin.
  7. Hair loss

What can you do avoid skin problems?

  1. Take care of your skin and have a proper diet.
  2. Avoid junk foods, cigarettes and alcohol.
  3. Meditate everyday to release your stress.
  4. Go for a spa treatment and pamper yourself.
  5. Don’t give up the practice of – cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin.
  6. Drink lots of water everyday.

Stress can ruin your mental peace and harm your skin. Try to calm yourself when you are in stress. I know this is very difficult to implement in real life. But, at least try to think positive, meditate and reduce your stress. Follow your normal beauty regimen to stop the ageing process.

How to take care of your skin beautifully in spring

It’s time to bid adieu to chilly winter and welcome warmer weather. Spring is round the corner. Time has come to give up heavier creams and opt for lighter versions. Time has to come to change your beauty routine and look stunning in the spring season.

Here are a few tips that will help you look beautiful and fabulous in the spring season.

  1. Go for bright shade lipsticks: Spring is the season of beautiful colors. Apply a bright lipstick on your lips. Use a light sunscreen so that your skin is protected against the harsh sunrays.
  2. Choose the right shade for blush: I have a fetish for blush. Just choose a bright coral shade for the spring season. Bright lip color and blush will give you the perfect look in spring.
  3. Use a good sunscreen: Many people forget to use sunscreen during the chilly winter and warmer spring. But, it’s a brutal mistake. Use a sunscreen (preferably SPF 50) during spring. You can ignore a foundation but not a good sunscreen. It’s a must.
  4. Keep your skin hydrated: Drink lots of water to discharge harmful toxins from your body. This will help to give you a youthful glow to your skin. Apply moisturizer at least twice a day on your face. You should do it everyday. Wash your skin with a good face wash after returning from work, then cleanse it and then moisturize it.
  5. Take a shower: Pollution can damage your skin. Plus, harmful bacteria and microbes can cause rashes in your skin. So, take a shower once you’re back home from outdoors.
  6. Exfoliate your skin: Did you pay less attention to your body hair during the winter season? If so, then exfoliate your skin before going for hair removal treatments in spring. You can use any good exfoliating scrub before waxing. This would remove all the dead skin cells from your body. It would make the entire process of hair removal easy and safe.


Remember three words always – cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You can have a facial steam or you can use a mask to make your skin glow in spring or summer.

Foods that hydrate your dry skin in winter and brings a glow

One thing I hate about winter is the fact that it makes my skin dry and dull. Dabs of moisturizing lotions and creams help to keep my skin hydrated, but not for a long time. I need to keep on applying cream and lotion on my body to keep it nourished. But if I need an extra smooth skin, then I have to give my best efforts to keep it hydrated from inside.

Foods to keep your skin supple

Here is a list of foods that nourish your skin naturally, keep it hydrated and smooth even during hard winters.

  1. Drink lots of water: Drink as much water as you can. It will keep your skin hydrated. Water helps to release toxins from your body and adds a glow to your skin.
  2. Salmon: Oh! I can die for Salmon. It’s so yum and tasty. I just love it. Anyway, getting back to the main topic. Salmon contains Omega-3 fats in it, which can help to reduce the redness in your skin. It saves your skin from sun damage. What’s more, you don’t have to endure inflammation. If you don’t like salmon, then try sardines, mackerel, walnuts.
  3. Yellow and orange veggies: Not many people are aware of the fact that yellow and orange veggies are full of beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant. This helps to safeguard your skin from the ultra-violet rays and harmful environmental damages. Plus, these veggies are full of vitamin A and C, which repair body tissues and generate collagen.
  4. A tip from my mom. Try to roast and saute veggies before eating. You’ll get extra beta-carotene from them.

  5. Avocados: Do you know avocados contain vitamin E and C, which are great for your skin? This amazing thing called avocado contains lots of monounsaturated fats. This nourishes your skin as well. So add lots avocados in your diet every day.
  6. Cucumber: Eat lots of cucumbers since they boost moisture and elasticity. Add cucumbers to salads and eat them. You can even cut cucumber into small pieces and add lime juice to them. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and sugar. You’ll get an instant tangy and juicy dip is done. You can serve this dip with snacks.
  7. Olive oil: Olive oil is enriched with Vitamin E and good fats. It helps to moisturize your skin both internally and externally. So, cook food in extra virgin olive oil. You can even apply olive oil to your body and make your skin glow.

Last but not the least, eat lots of nuts and seeds. These are power food. They contain vitamin A, B, E, minerals, omega-3, antioxidants, monounsaturated fats, etc. These ingredients repair cells, boost skin elasticity, save skin from harmful pollution, etc. So, eat them every day in small quantity to have a beautiful and radiant skin.

8 Budget-friendly tips to have a beautiful and soft skin in winter

flawless skin in winter

For some people, winter is a curse since it makes their skin dull and dry. Some people like my mom, winter is hell since it leads to cracking and flaking. Her skin becomes itchy and hard. Once she turns the heat on indoors, her skin becomes dry and tight.

So you face similar problems during winter? If so, then here are a few tips that may help to keep your skin soft and moist during the chilly winter months.

1. Use oil based moisturizer: Water based moisturizer is effecting during summer and skin. But for the dry winter, you need to take extra care for your skin. Use water based moisturizer to create a protective layer on your skin. Night creams are often oil-based. You can use these creams more during winter.

Try to use natural oils such as primrose oil, almond oil, avocado oil, etc.

2. Remove wet gloves: Please throw away your wet gloves and socks as soon as possible. These gloves can easily cause itching, sores, cracks, etc.

3. Sip herbal tea and water: Your skin needs nourishment. Water keeps it hydrated. So, drink lots of water in a day. If required, carry a water bottle when you are traveling. Herbal tea can moisturize your skin internally. So make it a point to sip tea and water whenever you can.

4. Bathe with moisturizing body wash: Your skin needs maximum care during winter season. So, bathe with lukewarm water and moisturizing soap. Avoid piping hot water since it can make your skin dry and itchy.

5. Apply sunscreen everywhere: Love to take a sunbath? Do it after applying a generous amount of sunscreen over your body. Remember, sunlight can harm your skin in winter too. You can use a sunscreen SPF 15, 30, 50 when you step outside.

6. Exfoliate your skin: Never forget to exfoliate your skin and remove the dead cells from your face. Use a good homemade face pack on your face. Once you have scrubbed your face and hands, use a moisturizer. You’ll get a soft and smooth skin.

7. Use a good lip balm: Don’t lick your lips during winter. This is a very bad habit. Instead, use a good lip balm. This will help to heal your cracked lips. If you don’t have a lip balm, then apply a good moisturizing cream at night. Wear a moisturizing lipstick when you step outside your home.

8. Use honey: Honey is great for skin. It can soften dry patches on your rough knees. Just mix honey with sugar and make a thick solution. Apply on the affected areas to reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation in your skin.

The last tip for you

I need to keep washing my hands while cooking. This makes my hand as dry as a sandstone. This winter, I have decided to use alcohol-free hand sanitizer. I have also bought soap-free cleanser. These sanitizers and cleansers are less drying. So hopefully, my hands will have little bit moisture now.

DIY tips to reduce signs of aging and give a flawless skin

homemade tips to have a flawless skin

Almost all girls are ready to spend a fortune for having a perfect skin. But little do they know that it is possible to have a glowing skin using the ingredients that are easily available at home. They don’t even need to spend an extra penny.

Here are a few beauty tips that can help you have a spotless skin throughout the year:

  1. Use green tea: Do you have a puffy eye and want to get rid of it? If so, then buy the iced-tea version of green tea. Make a cup of tea and keep it in the fridge. Then take a few cotton balls and dip them into the tea. Lay them on your closed eyes. The antioxidant properties of green tea will reduce the inflammation. You can also substitute green tea with sliced raw potato. It’ll have the same effect on your puffy eyes.
  2. Take lots of antioxidants: Foods with lots of antioxidants can give you a healthy and well-nourished skin. It can help to reduce several signs of aging and give you a vibrant skin. So if you want to have a radiant skin, make sure you include these foods in your diet:
    1. Tomatoes
    2. Wild salmon
    3. Berries
    4. Olive oil
    5. Sweet potatoes

  3. Apply toothpaste: Has an ugly pimple popped up on your forehead suddenly? Are you scared like hell that there will be yet another ugly scar on your face? Don’t worry! Just apply a dollop of toothpaste on the pimple and keep it for at least 30 minutes. Your pimple will shrink and dry up. Wash it off and pat dry. Repeat this process everyday till the pimple vanishes from your forehead without leaving a trace.
  4. Use lime and honey: Is your nose full of blackheads? Are you tired of using blackhead removers? Well in that case, you can use make a solution with 3-4 drops of lime juice and raw honey. Apply this solution on the problem areas and let it dry. After a few mins, rinse the areas with cold water.
  5. Lime juice will help you reduce the spots and honey will help to keep your skin hydrated. If you’re prone to blackheads, then apply this solution everyday after coming back from work.

  6. Make your own mask: What if I told you can have a facial without spending a penny every week? Yes, you can make your own face scrub to have a luminous glow. All you need is three ingredients, which are easily available at home.
    • (i) Raw honey (1 tablespoon)
    • (ii) Mashed ripe banana (¼)
    • (iii) Yoghurt (1 tablespoon)

    Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients. Make a smooth paste and apply it on your face. Keep it for 30 minutes and let it get dry. Rinse off your face with clean water and have a look your skin. Your skin will look bright and clean. The yoghurt/curd and banana will exfoliate the skin whereas the honey will moisturize it.

The last tip

Cleansing, moisturizing and toning – these 3 are a must for having a radiant complexion. You can create your own facial toner by mixing 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 4 tablespoon of distilled water. Mix it well and keep it in a bowl. Apply it on your face with a cotton ball. Feel free to add more water until the solution is perfect for your skin.

The best part of this facial toner is that you can store it at room temperature and use it everyday.

These are the few beauty tips which I learned from my mother. I have benefited a lot by using these tips and hope you would too.

Do you have any beauty secrets to share? If yes, then share them with us.