Should you break up with your boyfriend since he has student debt?

Aww! This is a tricky question since lots of things are at stake – your financial state of affairs, your relationship and your future. But should you dump your boyfriend just because he has lots of student loan debts? Should you get out of the relationship?

If you ask me, then my answer would be to not to get out of relationship just because of this reason. Don’t leave the hand of your boyfriend simply because he is in financial trouble. Rather, try to find out the answers to these questions.

How is your boyfriend dealing with his student loan debt?

What is your boyfriend’s attitude towards his student loan debt? Is he too casual about it? Is he taking various steps to pay off debt? Is he taking careful steps so as to avoid getting into fresh debt problems?

An individual with a positive mindset will take all the possible steps to get out of debt. He will spend less than what he earns. If your boyfriend is trying his best to resolve his debt issues, then don’t leave him. Rather, suggest tips that can help him to pay off his student loans as soon as possible.

I would rather be with a person who is drowned in debts and making additional payments to attain financial freedom than a man with zero debt but not saving a penny for the future.

Is the situation too bad?

Don’t get scared by the figure. Rather, look at the broader financial picture. How quickly can your boyfriend get out of debt when both of you put an equal effort towards it?

Put together your income, debt and expenses. Find out which assets can be sold and how much you can potentially save by living together. The overall financial picture may not be as dull as you think.

Last but not the least

Are you compatible with your boyfriend? If it is a long-term relationship, then you would know the answer. Are you stressed out just because of the financial issue or are there other problems too? See, if you have compatibility issue with your boyfriend, then step back. But, if you’re simply scared due to debt issues, then I would suggest you to give a second chance to this relationship.

Financial compatibility is important. This implies that both of you should have similar financial values. This is why you need to discuss how your boyfriend is dealing with his debt problems instead of focusing on the fact that he has debt. Look at the broader picture. Think how your financial life would be like after marriage. These little things will give you a clue if your relationship would work out.

3 Reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day one day later – Feb 15

reasons to celebrate Vday on February 15

Love is in the air. It’s the much awaited Valentine week. It’s a 7 day celebration of love. But contrary to the popular ritual, my best friend celebrates Valentine’s Day on February 15 with his boyfriend. And, her reasons are very clear. She says, “I can buy more chocolates and gifts for my boyfriend with the same amount. What’s the big deal in waiting for another 24 hours?”. Can’t agree with her anymore.

Here are the 3 reasons why I feel it’s great to celebrate the Valentine’s Day on February 15 every year.

  1. You can have quality food and spend quality time: This year, Valentine’s Day is on Sunday. Do you realize what this means? You’ll face a tough time in getting a nanny. Plus, most of the restaurants have been booked already. The food will be costly. Restaurants would be fully packed and you would not get any chance to share a cozy meal with your loved one. But if you celebrate Valentine’s Day on Monday, then you can share the same meal in privacy with your loved one. The food price won’t be expensive and there won’t be too much rush.
  2. Get Cupid’s goodies at half price: Nothing beats the joy of shopping for your loved one on the day after the Valentine’s Day. Retailers and florists would offer the same goodies (teddy bears, chocolates, cards) at huge discounts. Some retailers give 50-75 percent discounts on chocolates after the Valentine week is over. Buy all the goodies at half price and use the remaining amount to have a super romantic date with your spouse.
  3. You can avoid the maddening crowd: Want to watch a movie together? Wish to explore a shopping mall? Dying to dance together in a pub? Great! You can book movie tickets easily on 15th February. There would be less rush since it is a working day. There would be less crowd in a shopping mall or a pub. So, lovebirds can just be together and enjoy.


You know what I personally feel? Valentine’s Day is for the retailers because you don’t need to buy expensive gifts to prove your love for someone. In my opinion, love is caring for someone even when you’re angry with him or her. Love is something beyond designer dresses and accessories. If you’re in love, celebrate it every day. Share special moments with your loved one. Cook food for him or her every day. Look after her/his daily needs and requirements. Enjoy the feeling of being in love without spending a penny.

10 Cruel and insulting things a guy often says to dump his girlfriend

While some guys are afraid of breaking a girl’s heart, others have no qualms about it. All they want to do is dump girls like a garbage when the relationship is not working anymore. They don’t bother to break up with girls with decency or maturity.

Here are the 10 worst lines guys throw at girls before dumping them.

1. I’ve already experienced hell after being with you. Now, I want to explore heaven and that too with somebody else.

Ouch! This hurts badly. Nothing can be more painful than this. It takes a lot of mental strength to digest this statement.

2. Have you ever looked at yourself? You’re as fat as a hen. I can’t go out with you anymore.

It is a direct insult to a girl. How can a guy be so inhuman and criticize her physical appearance? It’s just intolerable. A guy should understand that he is basically stripping her of all her dignity.

He doesn’t want to have a relationship with the girl. It’s fine. But, a guy doesn’t have any right to insult a girl like this.

3. I am not attracted to you any more. I’ve found someone else.

I have a question for the guy who throws this line.

“Why did you enter into the relationship if you were not attracted to her? Were you drunk? Why aren’t you attracted to her anymore? Are you sick or do you need to change your spectacle?”

4. Sorry! It’s time for you to go. I’ve just understood how ugly you’re.

It is like the guy hired the girl for getting a service. She has given the service and is not needed anymore. He is a dissatisfied customer. He has just realized he is alive on earth. He was in a dream for the last few days.

5. You deserve a better guy than me.

This line can mean only two things. Either he is a loser or he has found someone else.

6. I’m sorry! You’re cold in bed. So…..

This is the worst thing a guy can ever say to a girl. He is raising a question on her sexuality. This line has a very bad impact on girls. This line haunts them and prevents them from getting into a new relationship. It has happened to one of my close friends. Only a jerk can throw this type of line to a girl.

7. There’s something I need to tell you. I have a wife with a kid. And, it’s not possible for me to continue this relationship.

Girls – you’re better off without this guy in your life. Obviously, you would like to spare yourself of the daily family drama. Secondly, you would always be the second lead in his life. His family and children would always get first preference. Are you ready to take that shit?

8. You’re a snob and an irritating creature. Stop calling me to solve your problems. Leave me alone.

Gosh! This guy is pissed off. At least, the line says so. As a girl, I would say only one thing. Leave him alone and find another guy who would happily try to solve your problems.

9. Let’s be frank. I have never loved you and don’t intend to have a future with you.

It is clear that the guy used the girl to fulfill his various requirements. He has never loved the girl. In fact, he doesn’t want to be her friend also. He is just an *******.

10. You’re dumped, just like a garbage. Understood? Now, get the hell out of here.

The best response would be to give a tight slap on his face and in front of everybody. This guy deserves nothing but tons of slaps on his face. Girls should be happy to get rid of this guy – who is nothing but a garbage.

What is the worst way a guy broke up with you? How did you react? Share your experience with us.

How do you know your job is shattering your love life?

work destroying your love life

Money is important in your life. But so is love. If your job is taking a toll on your relationships, then there are a few questions you need to answer first:

  1. Which one is more important – money or love?
  2. Should you leave your present job?
  3. How will you survive if you quit your present job?

Unfortunately, most people ask these questions to themselves when it is too late. And I’m quite sure you don’t want to go through a similar kind of a situation unless you’re too careerist.

So, here I am with my list of 5 signs that will help you understand that your present job is badly hitting your love life.

1. You’re too busy at office and don’t have time for your spouse:

Are you so busy at work that you don’t have time for your spouse? Are you spending an average 65 hours at the office every week? It’s fine to do overtime some days. But if it has become a routine, then do you know what’s cooking up in your home? Have you ever thought about it?

Your spouse needs your time, not your money. If you continue to spend long hours at the office every day, then your spouse may feel left out. Even if you’re able to do your duties, you won’t be able to fulfill her/his emotional needs; this requires time.

2. You vent out your frustration at home everyday

Are you having fights at home once you return from work? Do you feel itchy and irritated all the time? If yes, then your relationship is in trouble since it’s simply not possible for your spouse to cheer you up every day. He/she is human too and no one would feel good if someone behaves badly with him/her regularly.

If you’re grumpy most days of the week, then it’s a serious problem. Start looking for a job instead of shouting at your spouse.

3. You’re either on phone or working on projects at home

Can’t leave the phone in another room even for a second? Need to check emails or twitter updates every 15 minutes? If so, then it’s a sign that your work is taking a toll on you. If you can’t have any ‘free time’ for your spouse, then both of you can very well live separately. What’s the point of living under the same roof?

4. You mingle with your co-workers more than your spouse

Do you often share your personal thoughts and feelings with your co-worker everyday? It isn’t unnatural since you spend long hours at the office. You don’t even have time to have a proper chit-chat with your spouse at home. But do you realize that it is acting as a ‘slow poison’ in your marriage? Wait for a minute and analyze your current situation. Perhaps, it’s the right time to enjoy a vacation with the love of your life.

Do you remember when did you have a hearty laugh with your kids last time? Do you miss out most of their memorable moments due to your busy schedule? If yes, then your kids will consider your job as a family fun-buster. You would miss out all the opportunities to share golden moments with your kids. When they grow up, they would always feel – ‘dad didn’t have time for us when we needed him”! How will you face your children at that time?

5 Well-intentioned remarks that hurts your spouse

Admit it. You’ve made a few remarks to your spouse in the past that have hurt him or her. It doesn’t matter if you made the remark for his/her benefit. The bottom line is, it hurt her/him in spite of your best intention.

You need to tame your sharp tongue since it can create an irrevocable damage to your relationship. You can end up losing your marriage without even realizing it. No matter how much you’re angry, frustrated, sad or emotional, the idea of saying something hurtful is really bad, even though it is for your spouse’s benefit. It can create an invisible distance between both of you. Ultimately, it’ll make your relationship bitter and boring.

Here are the 5 remarks which you should avoid making when you really love your spouse and want to save the relationship.

    1. “When are you going to get a new job?”

Girls! Don’t throw this line to your husband since this particular line will affect his both morale and ego. Remember, you’re directly attacking his ability to run the family and take care of kids. It’s a downright insult.

If you really want your husband to get a new job, then have a discussion with him on a regular basis about:

      • Budget
      • Lifestyle
      • Career
      • Family
      • Financial goals

Don’t hit his ego. Rather, have a talk so that both of you can work together and build a good life.

    1. “I think you should work on your dressing style. It sucks big time.”

So your spouse’s dressing style sucks. He/she has become a laughing stock amongst your friends. You really want him/her to become a “fashionista from a fashion disaster”. But all your hopes are thrown into ashes as soon as he/she makes a public appearance.

Don’t say – ‘why have you dressed like this?’. He/she will feel definitely bad. Her/his confidence level will go down into the drain. Instead of rebuking him/her, give useful tips or better buy dresses that will look good on your spouse.

    1. “When are you going to lose some weight? You’re as fat as a pig.”

Ouch! This really hurts. No one wants to be compared to a pig. So, think twice before saying this to your spouse and especially in front of his/her friends. Your spouse won’t be able to take it lightly even if he/she smiles before everyone. He/she will either become sad or chase you down like an angry bull later.

    1. “Nothing”

Personally, I hate the ‘silent treatment’ simply because it makes me feel neglected, ignored and trivial. It makes me angry and irritated at the same time. And, I’m quite sure that most girls feel the same thing when someone gives them ‘silent treatment’.

If you really want to hide anything to save your spouse from something really bad, then take a short period of time to think about a story before joining the conversation. If you’re angry and don’t want to burst out in front of your spouse, then you need a little time to ‘cool off’ before saying anything. Just take that time out for yourself and then explain everything to your spouse.

  1. Be kind instead of being always right”

Understand. Your wife doesn’t scold people unnecessarily. There must be a valid reason behind it. Plus, there is a big difference between being right and being kind. If your wife is right and somebody is wrong, then she has full right to be angry with that person. Don’t raise the ‘kindness issue’ right now. Once she ‘cools off’, you can politely explain to her that she can make points her clear politely too. Moreover, it is humane to make mistakes. So, it’s better to consider the matter kindly.


Love, care, trust, affection, understanding, communication, appreciation and positive criticism strengthen the bond between a husband and a wife. Don’t say anything that will upset your spouse. It’s humane to feel angry or frustrated. Have a regular talk with your spouse so that he/she understands what’s wrong and can make necessary changes.

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Do you shout at your spouse too frequently? Or, has your spouse said something that hurt you badly? Share with us.

Men – Why do women cheat and break your hearts?

reasons why women cheat men

Ever wondered why your sweetheart broke your heart and went to another guy even when everything was perfect between both of you? Did you get the shock of your life when your girlfriend cheated on you even after giving 100 percent of yourself to the relationship? What went wrong? Did you have any fault?

First of all, stop blaming yourself for everything dude. You’ve given your 100 percent to the relationship. Remember that.

If the relationship didn’t work even after that, then this means there was a problem; not with you but with your ex-girlfriend. And you’re not the only guy whose heart has been ripped-apart by a woman. Just look around. You’ll find hundreds of men who are cheated and dumped everyday by girls.

Till now, we believed that men are a master at breaking hearts.

But now we know that it is only a lie.

Why do women cheat and dump guys?

You know what’s the biggest reason why women dump guys? It’s simply because they can. I know it’s little bit harsh. But it’s the truth.

Other real life reasons are given below:

  1. Women are not happy in bed: Accept it. Girls have their own fetish as well. And if you’re not up to their expectations, then they would look for a guy who is good in bed.
  2. They don’t get emotional support: Girls want a guy with a sympathetic ear. They want somebody who would happily give a shoulder to lean on. If you’re least interested to listen to her problems, then she might run away soon. Beware!
  3. They want a perfect man: Girls want their boyfriends to be perfect in every aspect – looks, wealth, personality, etc. Although, it is next to impossible to find the perfect man, yet they don’t stop trying to find one.
  4. There’s no chemistry: Relationship sucks when there is no chemistry. Girls love thrill and magnetic attraction. If these things aren’t there, then they get bored too easily. And boredom can break a very strong relationship within a few days.
  5. They often feel vulnerable: Girls need to feel emotionally vulnerable. I don’t know why. But I’ve seen many of my friends sleeping with strangers just because they got mental support at that time.
  6. They’re in love with money: I know guys would say that this should be the number one reason. But not always. But yes, some girls are really gold-diggers. They love your wallet instead of your heart. The moment you get bankrupt, they automatically lose their heart to another guy.
  7. They love a guy who showers compliments: Girls love to get pampered and compliments. Flirty touches and a token of appreciation always go well with them. If girls are getting these things from another guy, then they would soon fall for him without even realizing it.
  8. They doubt too much: Some girls can be really tough to handle, especially when they doubt their boyfriends too much. Just a moment of sweet talk with another girl would make them feel like a loser. They would dump their boyfriends without listening to any explanation.

What else drives a woman away

Ego can wreak havoc on a relationship. Some women can cheat guys to prove a point like they can get any guy on this earth. They are not inferior to anyone. Again, there are some women who can break up due to some unappealing traits they find in their men. Like they can get attracted to a friend who is tidy and organized especially when their boyfriends are really shabby and unorganized.

Did your girlfriend broke up with you for another man? How did you feel at that time? Share your experience with us.