FICO Forums – A new world and a new beginning

joined FICO forums

I’m quite excited to share a good news with you all.

I have joined FICO forums a few days back, and the experience has been truly amazing. I’m too excited.

My experience in FICO Forums

If you ask me, I can tell you one thing. A forum is the best place to learn new things. It’s a platform where common people and industry experts come together in one place. They share their unique experiences and knowledge with each other on various topics. Since I work as a content editor, so I prefer to participate in debt or financial forums. If your interest is in technology, then you can participate at CNET or Techist for having tech discussions.

When I first started working as a content writer, I didn’t have any knowledge about many things. Finance was a new domain for me. I lacked both knowledge and experience. One of my senior colleagues suggested me to participate in forums as a way to gain knowledge. Thank God, I followed his advice. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have survived as a content writer.

FICO Forums is a new world altogether. Moderators are extremely cooperative and helpful. The questions are interesting. Most importantly, in my brief experience, I learned a lot of new things from there. For instance, previously I knew that the ideal credit utilization ratio is 10%. But one of the moderators pointed out an interesting point. The ideal credit utilization ratio is actually less than 8.9% since 9.000001% is also regarded as 10%. This actually makes sense but it never came to my mind. Kudos to the moderators!!!

There is yet another interesting point I came to know recently. Previously, I knew that our credit score doesn’t increase when we pay off charged-off accounts. But that is wrong. If the credit utilization ratio is high or above 100%, then your credit score can increase after paying off charged-off accounts. When you pay off charged-off accounts, the credit-utilization ratio drops. This helps to increase your credit score.

The forum members, moderators, and the entire community are quite friendly. The discussions are quite interesting. So far, the experience has been good. Let’s see what’s in store in the future.

The sign-up process is quick and easy. If you want to know more about various aspect of credit score, I would recommend you to register at FICO forums. You can post your questions there. I’m there to answer your questions. Plus, you can get new insights from the the community leaders and valued members.

A new beginning and I’m quite excited

I have decided to actively participate in Fico forums. In my brief stint at this forum, I have learned one thing. I’m still new in the financial domain, and there is a lot to learn. This is just the beginning. Hopefully, I’ll be able to explore new areas of the financial world through this forum. Fingers crossed!!!

Just to let you know. I’m participating in Fico forums with this id – stacyishere4u. You can check my posts and profile there. Got 2 Kudos already. Yay!!!!

Do you participate in any financial forums? How is your experience? Share your feedback here.