Job Relationship

How do you know your job is shattering your love life?

work destroying your love life

Money is important in your life. But so is love. If your job is taking a toll on your relationships, then there are a few questions you need to answer first:

  1. Which one is more important – money or love?
  2. Should you leave your present job?
  3. How will you survive if you quit your present job?

Unfortunately, most people ask these questions to themselves when it is too late. And I’m quite sure you don’t want to go through a similar kind of a situation unless you’re too careerist.

So, here I am with my list of 5 signs that will help you understand that your present job is badly hitting your love life.

1. You’re too busy at office and don’t have time for your spouse:

Are you so busy at work that you don’t have time for your spouse? Are you spending an average 65 hours at the office every week? It’s fine to do overtime some days. But if it has become a routine, then do you know what’s cooking up in your home? Have you ever thought about it?

Your spouse needs your time, not your money. If you continue to spend long hours at the office every day, then your spouse may feel left out. Even if you’re able to do your duties, you won’t be able to fulfill her/his emotional needs; this requires time.

2. You vent out your frustration at home everyday

Are you having fights at home once you return from work? Do you feel itchy and irritated all the time? If yes, then your relationship is in trouble since it’s simply not possible for your spouse to cheer you up every day. He/she is human too and no one would feel good if someone behaves badly with him/her regularly.

If you’re grumpy most days of the week, then it’s a serious problem. Start looking for a job instead of shouting at your spouse.

3. You’re either on phone or working on projects at home

Can’t leave the phone in another room even for a second? Need to check emails or twitter updates every 15 minutes? If so, then it’s a sign that your work is taking a toll on you. If you can’t have any ‘free time’ for your spouse, then both of you can very well live separately. What’s the point of living under the same roof?

4. You mingle with your co-workers more than your spouse

Do you often share your personal thoughts and feelings with your co-worker everyday? It isn’t unnatural since you spend long hours at the office. You don’t even have time to have a proper chit-chat with your spouse at home. But do you realize that it is acting as a ‘slow poison’ in your marriage? Wait for a minute and analyze your current situation. Perhaps, it’s the right time to enjoy a vacation with the love of your life.

Do you remember when did you have a hearty laugh with your kids last time? Do you miss out most of their memorable moments due to your busy schedule? If yes, then your kids will consider your job as a family fun-buster. You would miss out all the opportunities to share golden moments with your kids. When they grow up, they would always feel – ‘dad didn’t have time for us when we needed him”! How will you face your children at that time?