10 Cruel and insulting things a guy often says to dump his girlfriend

While some guys are afraid of breaking a girl’s heart, others have no qualms about it. All they want to do is dump girls like a garbage when the relationship is not working anymore. They don’t bother to break up with girls with decency or maturity.

Here are the 10 worst lines guys throw at girls before dumping them.

1. I’ve already experienced hell after being with you. Now, I want to explore heaven and that too with somebody else.

Ouch! This hurts badly. Nothing can be more painful than this. It takes a lot of mental strength to digest this statement.

2. Have you ever looked at yourself? You’re as fat as a hen. I can’t go out with you anymore.

It is a direct insult to a girl. How can a guy be so inhuman and criticize her physical appearance? It’s just intolerable. A guy should understand that he is basically stripping her of all her dignity.

He doesn’t want to have a relationship with the girl. It’s fine. But, a guy doesn’t have any right to insult a girl like this.

3. I am not attracted to you any more. I’ve found someone else.

I have a question for the guy who throws this line.

“Why did you enter into the relationship if you were not attracted to her? Were you drunk? Why aren’t you attracted to her anymore? Are you sick or do you need to change your spectacle?”

4. Sorry! It’s time for you to go. I’ve just understood how ugly you’re.

It is like the guy hired the girl for getting a service. She has given the service and is not needed anymore. He is a dissatisfied customer. He has just realized he is alive on earth. He was in a dream for the last few days.

5. You deserve a better guy than me.

This line can mean only two things. Either he is a loser or he has found someone else.

6. I’m sorry! You’re cold in bed. So…..

This is the worst thing a guy can ever say to a girl. He is raising a question on her sexuality. This line has a very bad impact on girls. This line haunts them and prevents them from getting into a new relationship. It has happened to one of my close friends. Only a jerk can throw this type of line to a girl.

7. There’s something I need to tell you. I have a wife with a kid. And, it’s not possible for me to continue this relationship.

Girls – you’re better off without this guy in your life. Obviously, you would like to spare yourself of the daily family drama. Secondly, you would always be the second lead in his life. His family and children would always get first preference. Are you ready to take that shit?

8. You’re a snob and an irritating creature. Stop calling me to solve your problems. Leave me alone.

Gosh! This guy is pissed off. At least, the line says so. As a girl, I would say only one thing. Leave him alone and find another guy who would happily try to solve your problems.

9. Let’s be frank. I have never loved you and don’t intend to have a future with you.

It is clear that the guy used the girl to fulfill his various requirements. He has never loved the girl. In fact, he doesn’t want to be her friend also. He is just an *******.

10. You’re dumped, just like a garbage. Understood? Now, get the hell out of here.

The best response would be to give a tight slap on his face and in front of everybody. This guy deserves nothing but tons of slaps on his face. Girls should be happy to get rid of this guy – who is nothing but a garbage.

What is the worst way a guy broke up with you? How did you react? Share your experience with us.

3 Ways you’re wasting your money before and after going to office

The other day I was checking my recently installed budgeting application in my smartphone after returning from office. Like a true budgeting expert (which actually I’m not), I was calculating my expenses in the last few days. And, I was amazed to see that my expenses during the weekdays are huge. I actually spend an impressive amount while commuting to work. And the sad part is, I don’t even know about it.

Thank god, I installed that budgeting app. Really!!!

Anyway, as I was checking my daily expenses, it dawned upon me that I was wasting money in 5 different ways before and after going to the office. Here are 5 of them. If you’re just like me, then it’s time to think about the alternatives. After all, we work at the office for earning dollars but not for wasting them.

Buying food stuff at the gas station: Yes, I love to munch food while driving. So, almost every day I stop at the nearest gas station and buy food stuff from there. Half of the food is finished by the time I reach office. And the remaining gets finished at the office. Sometimes, I stop at Starbucks and buy my favorite latte (peppermint mocha) from there which costs $4.95. This happens at least 3 days a week. So, you can say I spend $60 in a month on latte itself. If I calculate the food cost too, then the total cost would go up to $140.

Eating whatever you feel like during lunch: I’m a foodie by heart. I love trying different dishes every day. And, lunch break is the best time to whet my appetite. Normally, I get food at subsidized rates in office. But, I want more and this sends me to Arby’s every other day. I’m a big fan of Arby’s Max Roast Beef combo (around $8) and I must have it whenever I visit that fast food joint.

Breakdown of my expenses

Max roast beef combo – Thrice a week ($12*8) = $96

Meal at proper restaurants – Once in every week ($35*4) = $140

Total expenses – $236

Excessive Internet surfing: My profession requires me to stay updated all the time. That’s a professional obligation. Fine. But what about tweets and posts I make in various social media websites? My smartphone is my constant companion and I browse different websites excessively during 3 times – before reaching the office, lunch break and before coming back to home. I’m surfing even when I’m shopping. I’m a total social animal. The result is in front of my eyes – my current data plan gets exhausted quickly. Normally, I opt for $20 data plan (T-mobile) but that is not enough. Either I have to recharge twice or I have to opt for $60-$70 data plan. So technically, I’m wasting around $50 every month excluding taxes.

How much I’m wasting every month

Buying food stuff at gas station: $200

Eating whatever you feel like during lunch: $236

Excessive Internet surfing: $50

Total wastage – $486

What I have planned to do to cut down huge expenses

  • Stop thinking about Starbucks while driving to the office.
  • Stop buying food stuff at gas stations while going to work.
  • Carry a huge brown bag to the office.
  • Cook regularly.
  • Be a less social animal.

So, these are the 3 ways I end up wasting money. What about you? Do you also happen to waste money while going to work? Think carefully. Sometimes, we don’t realize how much we are actually spending every day. But once you start crunching the numbers, the real figures will be in front of you.

How to make boring weekends sexy and the best money making time

make money in weekends

Nothing to do during weekends? Want to make some easy money and have fun as well? Great! You’ve just come at the right place. Here are a few tips to have fun in your boring weekends and make some easy money.

1. Turn into a photographer:

Do you love clicking pics? Do you have a hobby of capturing interesting and beautiful moments? If yes, then buy a nice camera and start clicking pics during weekends. Inform your friends and colleagues through social media networks that you love to do photoshoots for various events during weekends. You may share some of your work samples via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. This may help you get some good projects. Don’t charge a huge money initially. Do some projects successfully and then hike your fee.

You know what’s the best part of covering all the events? You can enjoy birthday parties, engagement, weddings for free. Rather, you’ll be making money out of those events. It’ll help to slash your entertainment costs as well.

That’s not all. You can even sell your photos at websites such as shutterstock.com and iStockPhoto. Just make sure your photos are original ones.

2. Turn into a sexy model:

Do you have the perfect figure and killer attitude for being a good model? Do you have everything to be a fashionista? Do you have the attitude to act in an advertisement and sell even a rotten hot dog as the best food in this world? If yes, then just drop your portfolio at your nearby art schools and to photographers. Sometimes, they need fresh models during weekends.

3. Cook and serve foods:

Are you bored of cooking for yourself during weekends? If so, you can volunteer to work for catering companies during weekends. Most catering companies are super busy during weekends and need extra staff. You can grab this opportunity to enhance your cooking skills and make some extra money as well.

4. Pitch your handmade goods:

Are you a creative person? Do you love to create beautiful crafts? If yes, then you can showcase and sell them through etsy.com. One of my friends makes potteries. You can’t even imagine how much money she makes every weekend. Last weekend, she gave free shipping offers to her loyal customers and earned $1735.

Do you create anything at home? If so, then don’t use them only in your home. Sell them to your friends, neighbors and others to make money.

5. Organize a live concert:

Love to play music and dance with friends all night? Ever thought you can make money out of those concerts? Yes, you read it correctly. You don’t need to be a Pop Star for arranging a live concert. All you can do is have a talk with some local bands. Put some posters in your neighborhood. Call your friends, sell tickets to people and let the concert begin. Just make sure you have a big yard in front of your house.

Do you love to investigate or do research? If so, then genealogy is the best option for you to make money. What you can do is help people find their roots. Yes, there are thousands of people who are still trying to locate their family tree. You can do some research during weekends and help those people know about their ancestors. Obviously, you won’t be doing it for free. You’ll be paid for it.

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How do you know your job is shattering your love life?

work destroying your love life

Money is important in your life. But so is love. If your job is taking a toll on your relationships, then there are a few questions you need to answer first:

  1. Which one is more important – money or love?
  2. Should you leave your present job?
  3. How will you survive if you quit your present job?

Unfortunately, most people ask these questions to themselves when it is too late. And I’m quite sure you don’t want to go through a similar kind of a situation unless you’re too careerist.

So, here I am with my list of 5 signs that will help you understand that your present job is badly hitting your love life.

1. You’re too busy at office and don’t have time for your spouse:

Are you so busy at work that you don’t have time for your spouse? Are you spending an average 65 hours at the office every week? It’s fine to do overtime some days. But if it has become a routine, then do you know what’s cooking up in your home? Have you ever thought about it?

Your spouse needs your time, not your money. If you continue to spend long hours at the office every day, then your spouse may feel left out. Even if you’re able to do your duties, you won’t be able to fulfill her/his emotional needs; this requires time.

2. You vent out your frustration at home everyday

Are you having fights at home once you return from work? Do you feel itchy and irritated all the time? If yes, then your relationship is in trouble since it’s simply not possible for your spouse to cheer you up every day. He/she is human too and no one would feel good if someone behaves badly with him/her regularly.

If you’re grumpy most days of the week, then it’s a serious problem. Start looking for a job instead of shouting at your spouse.

3. You’re either on phone or working on projects at home

Can’t leave the phone in another room even for a second? Need to check emails or twitter updates every 15 minutes? If so, then it’s a sign that your work is taking a toll on you. If you can’t have any ‘free time’ for your spouse, then both of you can very well live separately. What’s the point of living under the same roof?

4. You mingle with your co-workers more than your spouse

Do you often share your personal thoughts and feelings with your co-worker everyday? It isn’t unnatural since you spend long hours at the office. You don’t even have time to have a proper chit-chat with your spouse at home. But do you realize that it is acting as a ‘slow poison’ in your marriage? Wait for a minute and analyze your current situation. Perhaps, it’s the right time to enjoy a vacation with the love of your life.

Do you remember when did you have a hearty laugh with your kids last time? Do you miss out most of their memorable moments due to your busy schedule? If yes, then your kids will consider your job as a family fun-buster. You would miss out all the opportunities to share golden moments with your kids. When they grow up, they would always feel – ‘dad didn’t have time for us when we needed him”! How will you face your children at that time?

5 Well-intentioned remarks that hurts your spouse

Admit it. You’ve made a few remarks to your spouse in the past that have hurt him or her. It doesn’t matter if you made the remark for his/her benefit. The bottom line is, it hurt her/him in spite of your best intention.

You need to tame your sharp tongue since it can create an irrevocable damage to your relationship. You can end up losing your marriage without even realizing it. No matter how much you’re angry, frustrated, sad or emotional, the idea of saying something hurtful is really bad, even though it is for your spouse’s benefit. It can create an invisible distance between both of you. Ultimately, it’ll make your relationship bitter and boring.

Here are the 5 remarks which you should avoid making when you really love your spouse and want to save the relationship.

    1. “When are you going to get a new job?”

Girls! Don’t throw this line to your husband since this particular line will affect his both morale and ego. Remember, you’re directly attacking his ability to run the family and take care of kids. It’s a downright insult.

If you really want your husband to get a new job, then have a discussion with him on a regular basis about:

      • Budget
      • Lifestyle
      • Career
      • Family
      • Financial goals

Don’t hit his ego. Rather, have a talk so that both of you can work together and build a good life.

    1. “I think you should work on your dressing style. It sucks big time.”

So your spouse’s dressing style sucks. He/she has become a laughing stock amongst your friends. You really want him/her to become a “fashionista from a fashion disaster”. But all your hopes are thrown into ashes as soon as he/she makes a public appearance.

Don’t say – ‘why have you dressed like this?’. He/she will feel definitely bad. Her/his confidence level will go down into the drain. Instead of rebuking him/her, give useful tips or better buy dresses that will look good on your spouse.

    1. “When are you going to lose some weight? You’re as fat as a pig.”

Ouch! This really hurts. No one wants to be compared to a pig. So, think twice before saying this to your spouse and especially in front of his/her friends. Your spouse won’t be able to take it lightly even if he/she smiles before everyone. He/she will either become sad or chase you down like an angry bull later.

    1. “Nothing”

Personally, I hate the ‘silent treatment’ simply because it makes me feel neglected, ignored and trivial. It makes me angry and irritated at the same time. And, I’m quite sure that most girls feel the same thing when someone gives them ‘silent treatment’.

If you really want to hide anything to save your spouse from something really bad, then take a short period of time to think about a story before joining the conversation. If you’re angry and don’t want to burst out in front of your spouse, then you need a little time to ‘cool off’ before saying anything. Just take that time out for yourself and then explain everything to your spouse.

  1. Be kind instead of being always right”

Understand. Your wife doesn’t scold people unnecessarily. There must be a valid reason behind it. Plus, there is a big difference between being right and being kind. If your wife is right and somebody is wrong, then she has full right to be angry with that person. Don’t raise the ‘kindness issue’ right now. Once she ‘cools off’, you can politely explain to her that she can make points her clear politely too. Moreover, it is humane to make mistakes. So, it’s better to consider the matter kindly.


Love, care, trust, affection, understanding, communication, appreciation and positive criticism strengthen the bond between a husband and a wife. Don’t say anything that will upset your spouse. It’s humane to feel angry or frustrated. Have a regular talk with your spouse so that he/she understands what’s wrong and can make necessary changes.

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Do you shout at your spouse too frequently? Or, has your spouse said something that hurt you badly? Share with us.

DIY tips to reduce signs of aging and give a flawless skin

homemade tips to have a flawless skin

Almost all girls are ready to spend a fortune for having a perfect skin. But little do they know that it is possible to have a glowing skin using the ingredients that are easily available at home. They don’t even need to spend an extra penny.

Here are a few beauty tips that can help you have a spotless skin throughout the year:

  1. Use green tea: Do you have a puffy eye and want to get rid of it? If so, then buy the iced-tea version of green tea. Make a cup of tea and keep it in the fridge. Then take a few cotton balls and dip them into the tea. Lay them on your closed eyes. The antioxidant properties of green tea will reduce the inflammation. You can also substitute green tea with sliced raw potato. It’ll have the same effect on your puffy eyes.
  2. Take lots of antioxidants: Foods with lots of antioxidants can give you a healthy and well-nourished skin. It can help to reduce several signs of aging and give you a vibrant skin. So if you want to have a radiant skin, make sure you include these foods in your diet:
    1. Tomatoes
    2. Wild salmon
    3. Berries
    4. Olive oil
    5. Sweet potatoes

  3. Apply toothpaste: Has an ugly pimple popped up on your forehead suddenly? Are you scared like hell that there will be yet another ugly scar on your face? Don’t worry! Just apply a dollop of toothpaste on the pimple and keep it for at least 30 minutes. Your pimple will shrink and dry up. Wash it off and pat dry. Repeat this process everyday till the pimple vanishes from your forehead without leaving a trace.
  4. Use lime and honey: Is your nose full of blackheads? Are you tired of using blackhead removers? Well in that case, you can use make a solution with 3-4 drops of lime juice and raw honey. Apply this solution on the problem areas and let it dry. After a few mins, rinse the areas with cold water.
  5. Lime juice will help you reduce the spots and honey will help to keep your skin hydrated. If you’re prone to blackheads, then apply this solution everyday after coming back from work.

  6. Make your own mask: What if I told you can have a facial without spending a penny every week? Yes, you can make your own face scrub to have a luminous glow. All you need is three ingredients, which are easily available at home.
    • (i) Raw honey (1 tablespoon)
    • (ii) Mashed ripe banana (¼)
    • (iii) Yoghurt (1 tablespoon)

    Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients. Make a smooth paste and apply it on your face. Keep it for 30 minutes and let it get dry. Rinse off your face with clean water and have a look your skin. Your skin will look bright and clean. The yoghurt/curd and banana will exfoliate the skin whereas the honey will moisturize it.

The last tip

Cleansing, moisturizing and toning – these 3 are a must for having a radiant complexion. You can create your own facial toner by mixing 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 4 tablespoon of distilled water. Mix it well and keep it in a bowl. Apply it on your face with a cotton ball. Feel free to add more water until the solution is perfect for your skin.

The best part of this facial toner is that you can store it at room temperature and use it everyday.

These are the few beauty tips which I learned from my mother. I have benefited a lot by using these tips and hope you would too.

Do you have any beauty secrets to share? If yes, then share them with us.

Men – Why do women cheat and break your hearts?

reasons why women cheat men

Ever wondered why your sweetheart broke your heart and went to another guy even when everything was perfect between both of you? Did you get the shock of your life when your girlfriend cheated on you even after giving 100 percent of yourself to the relationship? What went wrong? Did you have any fault?

First of all, stop blaming yourself for everything dude. You’ve given your 100 percent to the relationship. Remember that.

If the relationship didn’t work even after that, then this means there was a problem; not with you but with your ex-girlfriend. And you’re not the only guy whose heart has been ripped-apart by a woman. Just look around. You’ll find hundreds of men who are cheated and dumped everyday by girls.

Till now, we believed that men are a master at breaking hearts.

But now we know that it is only a lie.

Why do women cheat and dump guys?

You know what’s the biggest reason why women dump guys? It’s simply because they can. I know it’s little bit harsh. But it’s the truth.

Other real life reasons are given below:

  1. Women are not happy in bed: Accept it. Girls have their own fetish as well. And if you’re not up to their expectations, then they would look for a guy who is good in bed.
  2. They don’t get emotional support: Girls want a guy with a sympathetic ear. They want somebody who would happily give a shoulder to lean on. If you’re least interested to listen to her problems, then she might run away soon. Beware!
  3. They want a perfect man: Girls want their boyfriends to be perfect in every aspect – looks, wealth, personality, etc. Although, it is next to impossible to find the perfect man, yet they don’t stop trying to find one.
  4. There’s no chemistry: Relationship sucks when there is no chemistry. Girls love thrill and magnetic attraction. If these things aren’t there, then they get bored too easily. And boredom can break a very strong relationship within a few days.
  5. They often feel vulnerable: Girls need to feel emotionally vulnerable. I don’t know why. But I’ve seen many of my friends sleeping with strangers just because they got mental support at that time.
  6. They’re in love with money: I know guys would say that this should be the number one reason. But not always. But yes, some girls are really gold-diggers. They love your wallet instead of your heart. The moment you get bankrupt, they automatically lose their heart to another guy.
  7. They love a guy who showers compliments: Girls love to get pampered and compliments. Flirty touches and a token of appreciation always go well with them. If girls are getting these things from another guy, then they would soon fall for him without even realizing it.
  8. They doubt too much: Some girls can be really tough to handle, especially when they doubt their boyfriends too much. Just a moment of sweet talk with another girl would make them feel like a loser. They would dump their boyfriends without listening to any explanation.

What else drives a woman away

Ego can wreak havoc on a relationship. Some women can cheat guys to prove a point like they can get any guy on this earth. They are not inferior to anyone. Again, there are some women who can break up due to some unappealing traits they find in their men. Like they can get attracted to a friend who is tidy and organized especially when their boyfriends are really shabby and unorganized.

Did your girlfriend broke up with you for another man? How did you feel at that time? Share your experience with us.

Back to school shopping begins: Should you buy textbooks or tablets?

Nothing can beat the feeling of reading the hardcopy of a book – fictional or nonfictional. But books cost money and are heavy too. During my school days, I used to get tired of carrying books from one class to another. My shoulders used to pain at night and I used to curse those books till sleep beckoned me.

Anyway, coming back to the main point, I love books now since I don’t have to mug up everything and vomit during exams. But, I love to read them especially before going back to sleep. I hardly carry them when I am traveling. Tablets and e-readers have replaced those big volumes of books. And why wouldn’t they? I can think of at least 50 reasons why tablets are far better deals than any book – be it a textbook or a storybook for kids. Here are a few of them:

  1. You can store 3500 digital ebooks in a single 4GB tablet
  2. You can highlight texts or make special notes within a few clicks
  3. If your kid don’t understand a term, they can google it
  4. Kids will be less dependent on parents and teachers
  5. You can just copy and paste the main points in a doc. Kids can read them later.
  6. You can get hundreds of deals on the same ebook in different websites
  7. Tablets are light and can be carried easily
  8. Tablets are of great use especially in video production classes
  9. Some tablets really have awesome cameras. They can be used to video record lectures
  10. Students are likely to buy and read more ebooks than those read the printed version
  11. E-textbooks can be updated and released to kids fast
  12. Usually, an e-book cost 50%-60% less than normal textbooks
  13. Tablets offer lots of features which are not available in books
  14. Tablets help students to be tech-savvy

A few more instances to prove tablets are far better than textbooks for school kids.

  1. Students perform better when they use interactive digital e-books instead of ebooks. In California’s Riverside Unified School District, students who followed electronic version of an Algebra 1 textbook scored 20 percent more than students who used normal textbooks.
  2. 2. In 2011-12, approximately 13,700 students aged between 5 and 18 suffered due to backpack related injuries and had to undergo treatment in hospitals.

Now that it is established that tablets are more suitable for education purpose, let us find out a few ways to get a budget-friendly tablet for your kids:

  1. Grab the ‘50% off’ deals on hottest tech products in Amazon and Ebay.
  2. Compare the price of tablets along with their configuration before making a purchase

Some of the best tablets in town are:

  • The Apple iPad – You can get the mini model within $400 and the full-size one within $500.
  • Amazon’s Fire HDX – You can get a tablet with 8.9 inch screen within $380. It has a huge collection of ebooks which your kids can read anytime.

Although tablets have an edge over books, yet you can’t afford to overlook certain facts such as:

  • It is costly as well as time-consuming to fix errors in a tab. A child may feel helpless if a tablet stop working during exams.
  • Tablets often lead to headache and blurred vision.
  • Tablets are almost useless without Internet. This means you need to go for expensive Wi-Fi networks.

Final take

Both tablets and textbooks have pros and cons. Tablets offer a wide a range of features to kids but they create health problems too. Similarly, textbooks are heavy and create backpack injuries, but they don’t get frozen or hacked. Neither do have a battery like like tablets.

You need to analyze both the pros and cons and then decide whether or not to buy a tablet for your kids this year.

7 Ways to shed extra pounds at gym without burning your wallet

how to save on gym membership

Tired of buying oversized t-shirts and jeans due to those extra inches in your waist and thighs? Desperate to get back into shape and make your friends wide-eyed with wonder within a few months? Then there are 3 steps you need to take right now:

  1. Change your diet
  2. Join a gym
  3. Be positive

A good gym instructor will give you a diet chart and boost your morale by showing you a few killer exercises. But to meet the gym instructor, you need to be a member of the fitness centre.

So, it’s confirmed. Your next destination after office hours is the fitness centre where you’ll lose a few extra inches within a few days. But do you know that it can be extremely expensive to join a gym? The salesman would try his best to trap you into an expensive deal. You’d be given a long contract and told that this is the best offer of the season.

Most people research thoroughly before shopping. Unfortunately, they don’t research or negotiate while taking a gym membership. Health clubs can burn a big hole in your wallet if you’re not careful. Here are the few ways to help you shed extra pounds at gym without drastically affecting your budget.

  1. Call at the few health clubs: Get the phone numbers of the nearby health clubs and call them one by one. This will help you avoid high pressure tactics of the salesmen. You can ask them to send the details of the contract in your inbox. Once you have a look at the deals, you’ll get time to think over them. Besides, you can talk with your friends and decide a negotiation strategy.
  2. Wait for the last offer: Usually, the first offer is the worst offer in town. Salesmen would promise that you would lose a few extra kilos within a few days. They’ll tell you other things as well. Negotiate and wait for the last offer. A friend of mine was able to reduce his monthly fee from $55 to $17 within a few hours of haggling.
  3. Watch out for 24 hour gym: These are super cheap gyms that are open throughout the day and night. You can go to gym and exercise anytime. You can save minimum $15 on your gym fees every month. Just remember one thing before buying a gym membership. You may not get extra facilities in these types of gyms.
  4. Seal a deal only for 12 months: The salesman will try to convince you that it would be best to sign up for 2-3 years. This way you won’t be able to join another gym. And this particular gym will have a steady source of income for the next few years. Who knows, you can get a much better at another gym next year. Are you ready to lose all the other offers?
  5. Have a talk with your boss: Some employers have tie ups with certain health clubs wherein employees can get flat discounts as a part of health benefits package. Talk with your boss and find out if there’s such facility in your office.
  6. Go to community recreation center: You can all the facilities of a gym there such as fitness classes, free weights, kids’ programs, swimming pools, etc. The membership fees are not expensive. Plus, you can add another family member by paying only a few extra bucks. So, start exploring your community research centers right now.
  7. Join gym during the month end: Gyms have targets every month. They want to add more members and retain the existing ones. The target doesn’t seem to be that tough during the first week. But the scenario and psychology of the gym salesmen changes during the last week of the month. They need to meet target by hook or crook. As such they’re ready to give you the best offers to fetch you into the gym.

Don’t be too hasty. If you don’t get a lucrative deal, then wait and for a couple of weeks. You may receive a much better deal from the gym. In the meantime, watch a few videos on exercise in Youtube. Practice them at your home and wait for the call from the gym.

Tips to fund your last-minute vacation without a credit card

The upsurge of online travel agents make you feel that funding a vacation without a credit card is an impossible task. While it’s certainly tough to book air tickets, hotels and travel packages without a credit card, it’s still possible to enjoy a leisurely vacation with your family without depending upon credit cards. Curious to know how? Okay, let me clear your doubts.

Tips to pay for your vacation without using credit cards

Here are a few handful tips that may help you go for an extended vacation at the last minute with your family without taking your credit card.

1. Use debit card:

You can use a debit card to book a hotel at your favorite tourist destination. Yes, you need to do some research to find a hotel that accepts debit cards but this shouldn’t take too long. Just make a few calls to different hotels until you find the right one. Just check if that hotel will charge you an extra fee for using debit cards beforehand. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying an extra fee unnecessarily.

2. Pay in cash:

Remember our childhood days? Our parents used to buy tickets with cash. Well, this option is till there in our country. But most don’t use it. Check out the websites of major airlines and find out the availability of tickets. Select your arrival and departure point first. Once you’re done with that, click on the “Book a Flight” option and then follow the results. You can get a good idea about the fare. Just pay in cash and book a ticket fast.

3. Look for a travel agent:

If you really don’t have any time in your hand, then the best option will be to have a chat with a travel agents. They have all the information regarding best deals and packages. Give them all the details of the trip so that you can opt for the best deal. Once you like a deal, go to their office and book your flight in cash.

4. Open a PayPal account:

Apart from credit and debit cards, you can use a PayPal account for booking flights and hotels. This is a very standard mode of payment. So you shouldn’t face any problem anywhere. Just call the hotels and ask if they accept payments through PayPal.

5. Look for local hotels:

Usually, local hotels are more amenable to work with cash instead of big hotels. They don’t need to go into so much corporate procedures. You can even build a rapport with the hotel manager. He may agree to give you a room in exchange of cash.

Some more tips for last-minute vacation

  1. Check out Vayable and Groupon to know about the recreational activities in the city.
  2. Visit the Time Out page to know about the current and upcoming events in the city.
  3. Know about the last-minute deals at hotels in Expedia, AllTheRooms and Trivago.
  4. Download the app HotelTonight to know about the latest offers through smartphone.
  5. Check out the websites such as Kayak.com and Google Flights to know about last minute flights.

You can go to any location at the last-minute. Just do a little planning and check out the websites wherein exciting deals are available. Check out the payment options as well so that you can go anywhere in the country without credit cards. You’ll save extra charges plus interest rates. What more, you can keep your budget intact too.

So, these are my tips that may help you sponsor a vacation without any credit card. Do you have any other tips? If yes, then share them with us.