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7 Magical ways to pay less for anything and save

Ten years back, retailers used to give a discount on 15 percent to 20 percent items. Today, 40 percent to 45 percent items are sold at a discount to entice consumers.

Never ever buy anything by paying the full amount. Back off if the retailer is ready to sell the item at less than 30 percent discount.

A good buy is when you can get 50 percent off on an item. Here’s a list of tips that may help you get anything you want without paying the full price.

1. Negotiate for a better price:

You may grab an excellent deal simply by negotiating for a better price. Have a talk with the employees in the departmental store as they know all kinds of promotional offers. They can alert you about all the current offers and give you a better deal than the displayed price.

When you’re shopping online, just check out the retailer’s website very carefully. Find out if there’s any chat window. If you find it, then ask for a good discount on the product you’re willing to buy. This is how I got an extra $50 off on a smartphone that was already on a discount.

2. Show the bill to the retailer:

Did you buy a smartphone only to find that it’s price has dropped considerably? Have you kept the receipt with you? Good. Go back to the retailer with the bill and ask to refund you the difference. This means if you paid $20 for the smartphone and it’s price has dropped to $16, then ask the retailer to refund you $4. If he refuses, then return the item and buy it from another retailer.

3. Follow top retailers on social media:

You know what’s the best part of following retailers on social media? You can keep getting alerts on the discount offers and coupons. You may come to know about lucrative deals before anyone.

4. Go for the email sign-up option:

Find out if there’s an email-sign up in your favorite retailer websites. If you do get this option, then subscribe for it. Your favorite retailer will keep you updated about the promotional offers.

The email subscriber option helped me to to save 60 percent on L’oreal lipstick – a great deal that I would have otherwise missed out.

If you’re afraid that there would be too many mails in your Inbox, then create a filter in Gmail. It will help to redirect all the mails from retailer to one folder instead of the inbox.

5. Check how much you can save and where:

Price comparison is a must both for online and offline shopping. Take out your smartphone and go to a price comparison website such as Nextag and Google shopping.

6. Have a look at the advertisements:

Just open your newspaper and check out the fresh ads from retailers. Do this atleast once a week and stay updated about the discount offers.

7. Ignore your shopping cart:

Do you have an account with Amazon or other online shopping website? If yes, check out all the products and then add them to your cart. Once done, log out from the website. Don’t press your finger on the ‘buy now’ option. The company might give an additional discount via email to lure you. Who knows, you can get a good discount by this way.

Last but not the least, try cash-back websites for shopping, It’ll return you a certain percentage of the cost through PayPal or check. Some of the popular cash-back websites are, QuickRewards, Ebates, etc.