Debt Relationship

Should you break up with your boyfriend since he has student debt?

Aww! This is a tricky question since lots of things are at stake – your financial state of affairs, your relationship and your future. But should you dump your boyfriend just because he has lots of student loan debts? Should you get out of the relationship?

If you ask me, then my answer would be to not to get out of relationship just because of this reason. Don’t leave the hand of your boyfriend simply because he is in financial trouble. Rather, try to find out the answers to these questions.

How is your boyfriend dealing with his student loan debt?

What is your boyfriend’s attitude towards his student loan debt? Is he too casual about it? Is he taking various steps to pay off debt? Is he taking careful steps so as to avoid getting into fresh debt problems?

An individual with a positive mindset will take all the possible steps to get out of debt. He will spend less than what he earns. If your boyfriend is trying his best to resolve his debt issues, then don’t leave him. Rather, suggest tips that can help him to pay off his student loans as soon as possible.

I would rather be with a person who is drowned in debts and making additional payments to attain financial freedom than a man with zero debt but not saving a penny for the future.

Is the situation too bad?

Don’t get scared by the figure. Rather, look at the broader financial picture. How quickly can your boyfriend get out of debt when both of you put an equal effort towards it?

Put together your income, debt and expenses. Find out which assets can be sold and how much you can potentially save by living together. The overall financial picture may not be as dull as you think.

Last but not the least

Are you compatible with your boyfriend? If it is a long-term relationship, then you would know the answer. Are you stressed out just because of the financial issue or are there other problems too? See, if you have compatibility issue with your boyfriend, then step back. But, if you’re simply scared due to debt issues, then I would suggest you to give a second chance to this relationship.

Financial compatibility is important. This implies that both of you should have similar financial values. This is why you need to discuss how your boyfriend is dealing with his debt problems instead of focusing on the fact that he has debt. Look at the broader picture. Think how your financial life would be like after marriage. These little things will give you a clue if your relationship would work out.