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Should you use your Facebook profile to get a job?

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Facebook can help you meet your soulmate. It can give you the latest updates on the various happenings of the world. But can it help you get a job? More importantly, should you use Facebook to get hired?

Facebook is a big social networking platform. From 8 to 80 years old, all are aware about Facebook and its impact on our life. Besides, 65 percent of employers use Facebook to recruit employees. So, isn’t it wise to use the platform to connect with recruiters and be financially independent?

Here are some other reasons why you must use your Facebook profile to get a job.

  • You can expand your network to get a new job
  • You can show how social media savvy you’re to recruiters
  • You can show your social networking skills to employers

Check out the following ways to take the maximum advantage of Facebook and get a job.

  1. Create a nice profile: Highlight your work experience and educational qualification. make sure you don’t mention the places where you have worked for only a few months. If you have a blog, then share the link in your profile.
  2. Don’t share embarrassing moments: Build a nice and professional image of yourself. Get rid of your beach photos and make your albums private. Change your privacy settings so that only friends can view your albums. Find out if someone has tagged you in embarrassing photos. If so, then untag yourself.
  3. Follow recruiters: Most companies have their official pages in Facebook. You have to like and follow their pages to view their posts and newsfeeds in your timeline. You can know more about the company profile and job vacancies.
  4. Join groups: There are lots of industry groups in Facebook. These are mainly closed groups, which means you have to seek permission from the moderator to be a part of them. The best part of these groups is that you can get updates about the hourly jobs posted by the admin.

What you should avoid doing in Facebook

  • Making racial comments
  • Posting photos that create a bad impression upon you
  • Keeping comments on your Facebook Wall that are distasteful
  • Applications that portray you in a negative light
  • Posting comments that prove you’re a bad and irresponsible guy or girl


Can you get a job with Facebook easily? Well, let us say that Facebook isn’t going to overshadow Linkedin anytime soon as far as job hunting is concerned, But, you spend at least a few hours on Facebook on a regular basis. So, why not use it for a productive purpose? Use Facebook along with Linkedin to grab the attention of millions of recruiters. At least, this won’t hurt you badly.

Have you tried Facebook to get a job? How did it go?