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Spend time not money on Black Friday to enjoy with family

Think carefully. Do you really have to shop on the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday? In the last few years, the holiday shopping frenzy has forced some stores to open at 5 am on the Thanksgiving Day. But is it crazy?

When I was a child, I used to wait eagerly for the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. In fact, I was crazy about the shopping deals even a few years back but not anymore. My bestie says it’s because I’m aging. But I don’t think so.

I mean, of course, I’m aging. I see things in a different perspective but that’s not the reason why I feel people should stop shopping on Black Friday or the Thanksgiving Day.

You get shopping discounts throughout the year nowadays. In fact, you can get the exact same discount a few days later. Then why should you lose your sleep and rush to the store at 5 am? Spend these days with your family. Most of us are busy throughout the year. We have studies, work, extra-curricular activities, and so many other things to look after on other days. You can at least reserve these 2 days for your family. You can catch up with what is happening in other’s life in these days. You will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Around 35% of consumers have planned to shop on this Black Friday, a figure which is 51% down from the last year. But does this mean that the rest 70% of the consumers won’t spend money? I don’t think so. Holiday shopping is expected to bring $680 billion to the National Retail Federation. This is a 3.6% to 40% increase in the total revenue.

Frankly speaking, I feel Black Friday has lost its appeal and importance. All 151 REI stores will be closed on the Black Friday. Almost 12,000 workers will have a day off, and it’s not the first outlet that will remain closed this year. Home Depot, Costco, and Nordstrom will also remain closed on the Thanksgiving Day.

Black Friday is not the biggest sale event of the year. It’s not anymore. Gone are those days. Instead of shopping, go for hiking, rowing, and rock climbing with your friends and family members. Play board games or cook your family’s signature dish. Listen to your family’s old stories.

Read or spread love on this Black Friday

Do you remember when did you have a lovely chat with a close relative who stays miles away? This year call that close relative who couldn’t be at home on the Thanksgiving weekend since he/she lives in another state or country. Gather everyone at home on the weekend and then do a video chat with the close relative.

If you don’t love to chat or play, then sit comfortably in a cozy comforter and read your favorite book. Trust me you’ll enjoy it more than a 35%-off piece of plastic crap from Walmart.

What’s more

Embrace the nature with open arms after eating and drinking with your family. It’s time to breathe some fresh air. It’s time to visit a state park that gives free admission on this day. You can also go skiing or walk on the beach. It’ll give you a body to die for and rejuvenated mind.