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Tips to fund your last-minute vacation without a credit card

The upsurge of online travel agents make you feel that funding a vacation without a credit card is an impossible task. While it’s certainly tough to book air tickets, hotels and travel packages without a credit card, it’s still possible to enjoy a leisurely vacation with your family without depending upon credit cards. Curious to know how? Okay, let me clear your doubts.

Tips to pay for your vacation without using credit cards

Here are a few handful tips that may help you go for an extended vacation at the last minute with your family without taking your credit card.

1. Use debit card:

You can use a debit card to book a hotel at your favorite tourist destination. Yes, you need to do some research to find a hotel that accepts debit cards but this shouldn’t take too long. Just make a few calls to different hotels until you find the right one. Just check if that hotel will charge you an extra fee for using debit cards beforehand. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying an extra fee unnecessarily.

2. Pay in cash:

Remember our childhood days? Our parents used to buy tickets with cash. Well, this option is till there in our country. But most don’t use it. Check out the websites of major airlines and find out the availability of tickets. Select your arrival and departure point first. Once you’re done with that, click on the “Book a Flight” option and then follow the results. You can get a good idea about the fare. Just pay in cash and book a ticket fast.

3. Look for a travel agent:

If you really don’t have any time in your hand, then the best option will be to have a chat with a travel agents. They have all the information regarding best deals and packages. Give them all the details of the trip so that you can opt for the best deal. Once you like a deal, go to their office and book your flight in cash.

4. Open a PayPal account:

Apart from credit and debit cards, you can use a PayPal account for booking flights and hotels. This is a very standard mode of payment. So you shouldn’t face any problem anywhere. Just call the hotels and ask if they accept payments through PayPal.

5. Look for local hotels:

Usually, local hotels are more amenable to work with cash instead of big hotels. They don’t need to go into so much corporate procedures. You can even build a rapport with the hotel manager. He may agree to give you a room in exchange of cash.

Some more tips for last-minute vacation

  1. Check out Vayable and Groupon to know about the recreational activities in the city.
  2. Visit the Time Out page to know about the current and upcoming events in the city.
  3. Know about the last-minute deals at hotels in Expedia, AllTheRooms and Trivago.
  4. Download the app HotelTonight to know about the latest offers through smartphone.
  5. Check out the websites such as and Google Flights to know about last minute flights.

You can go to any location at the last-minute. Just do a little planning and check out the websites wherein exciting deals are available. Check out the payment options as well so that you can go anywhere in the country without credit cards. You’ll save extra charges plus interest rates. What more, you can keep your budget intact too.

So, these are my tips that may help you sponsor a vacation without any credit card. Do you have any other tips? If yes, then share them with us.