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Valentine’s Day – 7 Gifts to pamper yourself

No more expectations in 2018.

Expectations give you pain and sadness. That’s why I have made a resolution to not expect anything from anyone this year. That’s why I’m not expecting anything from anyone on the Valentine’s Day as well.

This year, I’ll treat myself on the Valentine’s Day. I’ll buy gifts I really want to give myself this year. I know my hobbies. I know my likings and dislikings. So it would be easy to buy Valentine’s Day gifts.

If you are single or if you love yourself, then here are the 7 gifts to give yourself.

1. A good coffee mug: I’m tired of sipping coffee in my old coffee mug. I’m sick and tired. Now I need an energy boost. I need a coffee mug that brings a smile on my face the moment I see it in the busy mornings at office.

2. Sneakers: Stilettos are good for parties, which happen occasionally. I need good sneakers to go from gym to brunch within a few minutes. This year, I’m ready to spend a good amount for sneakers.

3. Silk pillowcase: A good sleep can cure bad mood. It can make you feel satiated and happy. I need at least 7 hour good sleep to run throughout the day. This Valentine’s Day, I have decided to gift myself a silk pillowcase. I want to give myself luxurious sleep after a busy and hard day to keep myself recharged.

You can try this by the way. I have slept on a silk pillowcase once in a hotel. I must say that the feeling is amazing. Soft and silky.

4. A smart sweatshirt: Old sweaters are definitely going to charitable organizations this year. Even my colleagues have started saying, “Please get rid of that old grey sweater.” Retailers are giving flat discounts on sweaters, scarves, sweatshirts, etc. I’m going to buy a good sweatshirt and other woollen garments from the stock clearance sale.

5. A good quilt: Sleeping is my latest hobby. I just love the feeling of getting under a soft quilt and watch my favorite TV shows at night. Sometimes, I read a good book and then doze off. This Valentine’s Day, a new quilt and a silk pillow cover are going to replace the old ones. Time to spend for my latest hobby.

6. A body pillow: Another new addition in my bedroom. Please don’t start laughing. A body pillow gives support to your hips, tummy, neck and back. It can help to relax your tired bones after a tiring day at work. If you’re working round the clock like me, then ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to gift you a body pillow. Trust me, you’ll love this gift.

7. A good face oil: I have tried all types of creams in the last few years. Now, I want to try something new. This Valentine’s Day, I have decided to buy a cheap and effective face oil for myself. I am looking for a face oil that leaves my skin glowy.

Do you have any recommendation? Just keep it in mind that the oil must be non-greasy and paraben free.



At the end of the day, I should be happy. In the last few years, I have learned one thing. Life is short and you live only once. So do everything you want. Treat yourself. If you get Valentine’s gift from others, then that’s the added bonus.


So there you go. I have listed my Valentine’s Day gifts. Do you have any interesting idea? Share with us. I might get another gift idea for myself.