What to do when your boss is all set to kick you out of the office

Quite sure that you’ll be shown the door at your office? What will you do now? Should you just sit back and wait till your boss kicks you out of the office? Never. Take these 7 steps right now before you lose your job.

  1. Don’t keep personal files on your computer: Take backups of your personal files. Email those files to your personal email. Delete all the personal files from your computer because your boss would cut off network access soon. You may not get a scope to retrieve your personal items.
  2. Know about unemployment compensation: Find out how to apply for unemployment compensation. Know about the eligibility criteria. If you can’t save your job, then you need to apply for unemployment compensation as early as possible.
  3. Save as much as you can: Don’t splurge. There is no guarantee that you’ll get another job soon. But you need to survive till you get a job. So save as much as you can.
  4. Start looking for a job: Don’t wait till you’re fired. Start looking for a job. Upload your updated resume in the job portals. Apply for jobs. Make sure you take your exemplary work samples to your home. You may have to show them at the time of giving interviews.
  5. Get an appointment with your doctor: Book an appointment with a doctor and dentist while you still have insurance. Get a health check up done.
  6. Have a talk with your boss: Your boss has all the power to save your job. So, have an honest discussion with your boss. Tell him or her that you know he or she is not satisfied with your performance. In this scenario, you would like to know the ways to improve your performance. Listen carefully to what he or she says to you. His opinion would give you an idea about the future of your job. This discussion may help you to change the situation.
  7. Change your attitude: You have not yet lost everything. Change your attitude before you lose your job. Don’t miss out your deadlines at work. Don’t submit substantial work. Be polite and talk positively about the company. If required, talk to the top performers in your office. As for their suggestions. Your co-workers may be able to help you.

Last but not the least,

Even Steve Jobs was fired. So, don’t feel bad about yourself. Anybody can get fired. And, this doesn’t mean that your career is finished. You haven’t failed. This is just a bad phase in your life, and you’ll come out of it.

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