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4 Tips to save your finances before Hurricane strikes

Hey, guys! What’s up? Sorry! I couldn’t catch up with you all in the last few weeks. I was extremely busy. My cousin sister lost her everything – thanks to Hurricane Irma. Her house is completely destroyed. Her husband’s office is broken down. They have a new member to look after – their daughter Alice who was born a month back. The situation is a complete mess.

Liza (my cousin sister) is shattered. They are living in my house till everything gets sorted out. Brad has incurred a huge loss too.

Initially, I was little annoyed with Liza because everyone knew about Hurricane Irma. She could have taken some precautionary steps to save her finances before Hurricane ravaged Florida and Caribbean islands. Then my rational mind intervened. Liza was not well. She was heavily pregnant. Brad was not in this country. What could have Liza done?

Liza is slightly better now. Alice is also getting accustomed to us. Things are gradually improving. Yes. Money is lost and this is why I thought to write a blog on the tips to financially prepare for a Hurricane. Liza and Brad suffered a lot since they couldn’t be financially prepared. I don’t want that my readers also walk on the same path.

Here goes my list of tips to be financially prepared for a Hurricane.

  1. 1. Take a digital copy of your financial documents: Hurricane can’t destroy your email. Gather all your important financial documents and scan them. Send the digital copy of your financial papers in your email. You can access those papers later. You can use these papers for insurance claims. Click pictures of your home, furniture, and other items. You’ll need these pictures later.
  2. 2. Withdraw some money from the ATM: Liza was pregnant. She couldn’t go to the ATM and withdraw money. Please don’t do this mistake. Keep some cash with you in different denominations. Keep one or two credit cards with you. If you have to leave home, then you’ll need this cash for basic travel expenses.
  3. 3. Stuff essential things in a bag: This is your emergency bag. Keep a pair of spare clothes, a flashlight, a first aid kit, water bottle, nonperishable food, batteries, medicines, and insurance policies in the bag. This bag will be extremely useful when you evacuate the home in under 5 minutes. If you have a pet, then don’t forget to keep pet foods in the bag.
  4. 4. Read your insurance policy again: Most people don’t read their insurance policies properly. Half people don’t understand their insurance policy, which is extremely bad. Read the terms and conditions of your insurance policy properly. Is your insurance policy covering you against hurricane-level winds and floods? The most serious consequence of a hurricane is flood. If your insurance policy doesn’t cover you against floods, then it’s better to buy a flood insurance policy.

    Most insurance policies go into effect after 30 days. So a wise decision is to buy the flood insurance policy one month in advance.


A natural disaster is something that is beyond our control. You can’t stop it. You can only take steps to save yourself and your belongings. Take the aforementioned steps in the hurricane season. At least, your condition will be better than my sister.