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5 Frugal Christmas gifts you can buy within $20

christmas gifts

Christmas is not just about buying big-ticket items. It is also about buying frugal gifts for your loved ones, as budget is a priority this year.

With pandemic eating up people’s jobs and their income, you must spend a frugal Christmas this year.

Trim your list of invitees and buy frugal gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. These two steps will help you to save money and enter 2021 on a solid financial footing. 

5 Frugal gifts you can buy for Christmas within $20 

This Christmas is all about spending less and saving more. Here are a few Christmas gifts you can buy within $20. 

1. An annual membership of a wildlife sanctuary: Do you have a friend who loves to explore nature and see wild animals? If so, then you can buy an annual membership to a wildlife sanctuary for your friend. It will cost you below $16. You might even grab a bigger discount due to the pandemic. 

With vaccinations beginning in mid-December, your friends can enjoy trips to the wild sanctuary several times a year. 

2. Cute videos for your loved ones: Do you have pictures of your loved ones? Most likely, you must be having all the pictures on your smartphone only. Collect all the pictures and make cute videos for the people who are close to your heart. 

You do not have to spend a fortune to create videos. You do not even have to hire a graphic designer for this task. You can download any video maker app and create videos for your loved ones. You can add special quotes and emoticons to make your loved ones feel extra special. Videos have a personal touch, and that may impress your loved ones a lot. You can download these apps free of cost. So you do not have to spend any extra penny. 

3. A hand wash – A hand wash is a useful gift, especially during this pandemic. You can get a hand wash from the supermarket for $10. 

4. Smart plugs – You can get smart plugs for $15. These plugs are quite handy. Your friends will love you even more after receiving these smart plugs. Do you know why? It is because smart plugs help people to operate regular appliances through their phones. They can operate regular electrical appliances without leaving their bed in this chilly winter. 

5. Customized water bottles – I love customized water bottles. First, they are personalized. So, I can drink in style. Plus, they are inexpensive too. The price of a customized bottle is within $15. It’s a useful gift. 

Final note 

Apart from the above-mentioned items, you can also create DIY gift items for your friends. All you need to do is explore your creativity a little bit. A well-composed poem can also be a heartwarming gift for your loved one. You only need to use your brain for it. Your expense is less than $1 in this case.