How to take care of your skin beautifully in spring

It’s time to bid adieu to chilly winter and welcome warmer weather. Spring is round the corner. Time has come to give up heavier creams and opt for lighter versions. Time has to come to change your beauty routine and look stunning in the spring season.

Here are a few tips that will help you look beautiful and fabulous in the spring season.

  1. Go for bright shade lipsticks: Spring is the season of beautiful colors. Apply a bright lipstick on your lips. Use a light sunscreen so that your skin is protected against the harsh sunrays.
  2. Choose the right shade for blush: I have a fetish for blush. Just choose a bright coral shade for the spring season. Bright lip color and blush will give you the perfect look in spring.
  3. Use a good sunscreen: Many people forget to use sunscreen during the chilly winter and warmer spring. But, it’s a brutal mistake. Use a sunscreen (preferably SPF 50) during spring. You can ignore a foundation but not a good sunscreen. It’s a must.
  4. Keep your skin hydrated: Drink lots of water to discharge harmful toxins from your body. This will help to give you a youthful glow to your skin. Apply moisturizer at least twice a day on your face. You should do it everyday. Wash your skin with a good face wash after returning from work, then cleanse it and then moisturize it.
  5. Take a shower: Pollution can damage your skin. Plus, harmful bacteria and microbes can cause rashes in your skin. So, take a shower once you’re back home from outdoors.
  6. Exfoliate your skin: Did you pay less attention to your body hair during the winter season? If so, then exfoliate your skin before going for hair removal treatments in spring. You can use any good exfoliating scrub before waxing. This would remove all the dead skin cells from your body. It would make the entire process of hair removal easy and safe.


Remember three words always – cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You can have a facial steam or you can use a mask to make your skin glow in spring or summer.