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Newlyweds – Here are a few tips to plan a budget-friendly honeymoon

Weddings are romantic. But they are also a stressful and expensive affair. So, the honeymoon should be an enjoyable experience. Whether you visit a new city or an exotic island or a hill station, your first trip after marriage should be wonderful. 

This is only a theoretical concept. Reality is completely different from the theory. 

According to studies, couples spend an average of $5342 on honeymoons. This figure is 3 times more than what people spend on a vacation. Plus, you have to remember one more thing. Couples are spending this money on top of $33,931, which is the amount they spend on their wedding celebrations. 

Over the years, I have met many people who have got into debt after an expensive wedding and honeymoon. Once the pleasurable activities are over, debts break the bank accounts of couples. 

What most couples forget is that there are various tips to plan an affordable and enjoyable honeymoon. Here are a few of them. 

1. Book flights in advance: Book three weeks in advance if you want to save money on airfare. If you can book flights 105 days ahead, then that’s even better. Nowadays, you can get flight details on the Internet. You can compare the airfare for your desired flight on various days and find out the cheapest day to travel. You can even opt email alerts to track the airfare on various days. 

2. Pick the dates wisely: Just because you’re getting married in December, it doesn’t mean that you have to go for a honeymoon in that month only. December is a festive month and the peak tourist season. The hotel charges and airfare are extremely high these days. You have to pay almost double rate for everything. 

Isn’t it better to go for a minimoon instead of a proper honeymoon? You can always go for a long honeymoon during the off-season when there is less crowd and the hotel rates are cheap. 

3. Browse the hotel websites: Nowadays, it’s very easy to book hotels at a competitive price; thanks to so many travel and hotel websites. You can check and compare the hotel tariff to save money. Most people tend to check out travel websites only. But that is not a wise financial move. You should check the hotel websites as well. Sometimes, they offer the best rates on their websites. 

You can use another trick to save on the hotel tariff. You can call the resort directly and inform them that traveling websites are offering a good deal. If the resort is ready to give a better deal, then you’ll book the room directly with them. 

Resorts may agree to give you a good deal since they have to pay a commission to travel websites when you book through them. 

4. Ask friends to give cash: Ask your friends to give cash instead of gifts at your wedding. Just tell them, ‘Guys, please give money instead of gifts. If your budget is even $30, then pay me in cash. I will use it to sponsor my honeymoon.’

Last but not least

There is no rule that you have to stay in a traditional hotel only. You can also opt for Airbnb where you can have your privacy and spend quality with your spouse at a far less price than a hotel. I have just one tip for you. Make extensive research on the property reviews so that you don’t get into any trouble later.