How to split expenses with your partner – Tips to avoid debt and troubles

how to split expenses with partner

Who should pay the bills in a marriage? You or your spouse or both? Have a talk with your spouse on this subject before you say ‘I do’.

Statistics say that happy couples are the ones who keep money separate and split their expenses fairly. It helps to avoid power struggle and control issues in a marriage. When both the partners have separate accounts, they can spend according to their wish and share the joint expenses happily.

How to split expenses with your partner

Both money and relationships are sensitive issues. You have to handle them carefully. You have to split expenses with your partner rationally. But how to do it? How should you split finances when you earn $30000 annually and your partner earns $300000? Let’s find out.

1. Split bills based on your income: If both of you really want to share expenses, split them on the basis of a specific percentage of your income. For instance, you may decide to contribute 30% of your income towards family expenses.

If you earn more than your spouse, then contribute more towards household expenses than your lower-earning partner.

2. Use splitting bills calculators: These calculators help to split bills as per your income so that each partner pays as per his/her income.

You can get splitting bills calculator online. Just the enter the following details and find out how much each one of you has to pay:

(i) How much you earn
(ii) How much your partner earns
(iii) How much is your total household expenses

3. Decide who will pay what: Sit with your partner and divide the bills amongst yourselves. Suppose, you decide to take care of mortgage and auto insurance. Your spouse can pay the grocery and utility bills. If you’re earning more than your spouse, then select the expensive bills for yourself. This way no one will feel financially burdened.

Be honest and transparent when you’re sharing expenses in a relationship. There is a strong reason behind this. Suppose you’re paying the mortgage and your spouse is paying utility bills. But both of you are not transparent about it. Maybe your spouse can’t cover the bills but she remains silent until the final shut-off notice arrives from the electric company. Now, this may lead to fights, misunderstanding, and ego clashes later.

4. Pay a salary to your spouse: If you’re working and your partner is a full-time parent, then you can pay a salary to her. Don’t get shocked. Just think in this way. Wouldn’t you have paid money for the daycare or the babysitter if both of you were working? Your partner has sacrificed her career to take care of the family. But even she needs to feel happy and satisfied. Isn’t it?

5. Give a bonus: Who doesn’t like to get a bonus or an incentive? Everyone does.

Give a bonus who manages family expenses like a pro. Allocate a specific responsibility to each one of you. For instance, your responsibility is to earn as much as you can for your family. Your partner’s responsibility will be to cut expenses wherever she can. Ask your partner to calculate how much she has saved in the month and give a bonus based on the amount.


Money management plays a big role in a marriage. Those who say it doesn’t matter are either lying or living in a fool’s paradise.

If you’re getting hitched, then buy a splitting bills calculator before anything else. Trust me, this calculator will help you avoid debts, financial troubles, and ugly fights in the future.

How do you divide finances in a marriage? Is there any set rule you follow? How far have you succeeded? Share your ideas and thoughts.